Promotional Calculators

  1. Wave Calculator 20127418

    Wave Calculator
    Slim, budget priced calculator, suitable for either pocket or desk.

    From£1.13 Each

  2. Ghost Calculator 201003

    Ghost Calculator
    Slimline frosted calculator in modern colours, tactile rubber buttons & contemporary styling.

    From£1.37 Each

  3. Auto Flip Calculator 201007

    Auto Flip Calculator
    Cleverly designed calculator, fun flip action design, soft feel rubber buttons.

    From£1.73 Each

  4. Funky Calculator 201245

    Funky Calculator
    Funky calculator in bright modern funky colours. Rubber keys neat and compact. 1 x AG10 button...

    From£1.88 Each

  5. Linear Calculator Ruler 602002

    Linear Calculator Ruler
    The perfect combination, ruler and calculator with raised rubber keys. Adds up to a great product.

    From£1.92 Each

  6. Neutron Calculator 601656

    Neutron Calculator
    Funky, smooth, calculator with sweeping curves and rubber buttons.

    From£2.09 Each

  7. Hideaway Calculator 2011245

    Hideaway Calculator
    Great quality, low budget calculator. Unique hideaway design with great print area.

    From£2.17 Each

  8. Squares Calculator 201244

    Squares Calculator
    Modern stylish calculator with all rubber wrap around and keys. Neat and compact and ideal...

    From£2.36 Each

  9. Polar Calculator 201237

    Polar Calculator
    Beautiful ice white 8 digit dual powered desk calculator with light grey buttons. Looks great on...

    From£2.38 Each

  10. Corn Starch Ruler Calculator 602005

    Corn Starch Ruler Calculator
    Neat and compact Eco friendly ruler calculator. Made from corn starch. The ideal desk item. Price...

    From£2.67 Each

  11. Lylo Calculator 201236

    Lylo Calculator
    Stylish white large 8 digit, dual powered, desk calculator with navy trim and buttons. Ideal for...

    From£2.75 Each

  12. Bianco Desk Ruler Calculator 602004

    Bianco Desk Ruler Calculator
    Stylish 30cm Desk Ruler Calculator. Gloss finish with good size print area. Price includes 1...

    From£2.98 Each

  13. Desk Calculator 86355

    Desk Calculator
    This desk calculator has a distinctive curved shape with raised buttons for easy use. Its print...

    From£3.03 Each

  14. Key Calculator 86318

    Key Calculator
    12 Digit display. Angle of display is 30 degrees for ultimate reading.

    From£3.71 Each

  15. Eco Calculator 201243

    Eco Calculator
    Eco friendly calculator made from Corn Starch. Complete in plain white box. Can be printed up to 4...

    From£6.26 Each

  16. Xoopar Calculators ZP1540001

    ZP1540001-Xoopar-Calculators jpg
    Xoopar Calculators is two devices in one, a Calculators and number pad for your notebook....

    From£18.13 each

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