Promotional Charging Adaptors

Augment your brand status in the market with promotional charging adaptors!

We offer a wide variety of promotional charging adaptors at reasonable rates that have been designed to improve your brand value and business sales. Browse through our diverse collection of printed charging adaptors to select designs that fulfils all your promotion requirements as well as matches your marketing budget. Our promotional business gifts includes strong and sturdy items that are not only offer multiple features but are easy to use and store as well!

Designed for use by all kinds of gadgets such as ipods and smartphones like iPhone, Blackberry, LG and Samsung, our charging adaptors with logo and your business name printed on them are not only practical but unique corporate gifts to hand out. Offered in myriad colour choices ranging from vibrant options like blue and orange to standard business colours like black and white, some of these chargers sport quirky body designs while there are some that are moulded in the shape of credit cards. The other features that some of our printed charging adaptors sport include different types of connectors - micro USB plugs, 30 pin plugs, USB and mini USB 5 pin plug chargers. Our collection also includes charging adaptors that are supplied with external power banks so that users can charge their devices on the move!

Using the latest and best in customisation processes including pad printing, digital printing, screen printing and laser engraving, our team of skilled branding experts are extremely adept at reproducing your business details and company logo over the large branding space of these corporate logo gifts. To ensure that your business details and logo are prominently visible we also provide branding options on both sides as well. We can also supply them in individual gift boxes including soft to touch silicone bags or cases to help you to leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

For additional information and suggestions about our branded charging adaptors and the various branding options offered by us, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional anytime! Contact us at 0800 024 8461 or email us at now!

  1. Standard Multi Charging Cables ZP1636019

    Standard Multi Charging Cables
    Choose the individual colours of the connector cables to match your brand colours. The...

    From£2.39 each

  2. Xoopar Octopus Charging Adapters ZP1636017

    Xoopar Octopus Charger
    Charging adapter with multiple connectors for most smart phones (iPhone4/5/6 and Android, Windows,...

    From£4.19 each

  3. Bean Charger B ZP1636014

    A wide range of device compatibility including a USB connector to charge the new iPhone 8-pin...

    From£4.32 each

  4. Light Ball Charging Cable ZP1636018

    Light Ball Charging Adapter with wires
    These days people are always running low on battery, so you see them charging their smartphones or...

    From£4.40 each

  5. Xoopar Spider USB Chargers ZP1636012

    ZP1636012-Xoopar-Spider-USB-Chargers jpg
    All in one USB adapter contains 30 pin, lightning connector (suitable for iPhone 5 & 6), micro...

    From£4.96 each

  6. Bean Charger C ZP1636016

    Bean Charger C
    The latest version of our best-selling Bean Charger comes with the widest variety of connector...

    From£5.76 each