Promotional Power Banks & Chargers

Boost your marketing events with promotional power banks & chargers!

Depending on your business gifting needs and budget, you can choose from a wide assortment of promotional items available in the market these days for your diverse and different consumer needs. At the same time, products that provide everyday practical use are more people friendly and have a higher perception value than flashy promotional gifts. For this reason, well designed promotional business gifts that combine both form and functionality are best for brand building events. Most importantly, such products have a higher chance of being retained by your recipients for a much longer time period, thereby helping you to create a long lasting brand image in the mind of your recipients.

To experience long term popularity with your promotional items, take a look at our extensive collection of promotional power banks & chargers on offer at Zest Promotional. It’s time to give a boost to your advertising efforts as well as extend the life of your brand image with such convenient charging devices as part of your marketing strategy. If you desire years of good reputation and are looking for a set customer base, explore our collection of power banks & chargers today!

With all kinds of smartphones, tablets and high tech gadgets becoming popular with each passing day, these power tools have become a necessity in today’s technology driven world. With gadgets becoming more powerful as well as more expensive with all kinds of amazing design features, the need for charging the batteries of these high tech devices more frequently is becoming a necessity! And with these power banks & chargers, one does not need to look for a charger or a power outlet whenever you see a ‘low battery’ warning on your device! Providing users with a quick and easy source of power, these small and portable charging devices are the most economical solutions for charging these power hungry gadgets.

Besides being excellent customer gifts, you can also give these power banks out to your employees and business executives to show your appreciation and gratitude. Radiating power and sophistication, these company gifts are excellent if you want to build a solid brand foundation for your products and services. This is because standing firm in this competitive world with a strong consumer base is really very difficult. By distributing such effective and impressive promotional products, you are not only ensuring that your brand gets the desired attention but will also leave your receivers feeling happy and delighted at receiving such bespoke customer gifts!

Manufactured using strong and sturdy materials such as aluminium, our cost effective branded power banks & chargers are great value for money promotional business gifts. In addition, these power banks & chargers come in an array of business colours, finish and styles to suit all kinds of corporate campaigns. Designed to provide you with superior charging, these power banks come in varying storage capacities (the general recommended range for mobile phones is 1800mAH to 2600mAh). Supplied with USB cables, they can charge all kinds of high tech gizmos such as mobiles, smartphones and tablets. In addition, their ultra light and slim body designs enable them to fit into bags, pockets and wallets easily, enabling you to charge your expensive gadgets on the move inside your bag without anyone noticing!

Our selection also includes powerbanks and chargers that run on solar energy. Designed to help you charge your devices by utilising the energy of the sun, these pocket sized charging devices are capable of charging smartphones, tablets and many other gadgets. In addition to a standard USB cord, some of our offerings also come with 4 different connectors including 30 Pin, Mini USB 5 pin and Micro USB plugs. Our company also specialises in offering promotional power banks & chargers with 2 USB ports to enable users to charge two devices at the same time!

With such products always within reach, you need to personalise them with visually appealing artwork, image or text so that they instantly attract the attention of not only your recipients but anyone standing near them as well. To meet all sorts of sales promotion requirements, we offer the best customisation processes including pad printing for all our power banks. Most importantly, in order to help you maximise your advertising prospects and showcase your logo and brand message properly, we can do branding work on all four sides of these compact sized company gifts to maximize your brand visibility! Custom imprinted with your logo and brand name, turn these promotional items into handy logo gifts that will enable both your new and old clients to seek you out when they require your services.

By handing out such handy technological devices branded with your business details you are bound to achieve wonderful results in your promotional campaign and gain great exposure for a long time to come! So, hand out our branded power banks & chargers at your next tradeshow, exhibition or event, because your potential or existing clients are guaranteed to benefit from these convenient and superfast phone and tablet charging options unlike other promotional gifts!

To know more about our power banks & chargers with logo and business details printed on them as well as the different personalisation processes available, get in touch with our sales team today! Call us up at 0800 024 8461 or email us at right away!

  1. Dash 2200mAh Power Banks ZP1632017

    ZP1632017 Powerbank
    Dash 2200mAh Power Banks provides enough power to charge a smart mobile phone in 2 hours....

    From£4.71 each

  2. Bolt Alu 2200mAh Power Banks ZP1632018

    Bolt Alu 2200mAh Power Banks
    Bolt Alu 2200mAh Power Banks provides enough power to fully charge most mobile phones and part...

    From£5.27 each

  3. Beam 2200mAh Power Bank & Torch ZP1632019

    ZP1632019 Powerbank
    Beam 2200mAh Power Bank & Torch supplied with a lanyard and LED light. Includes charging...

    From£5.92 each

  4. Taylor 2200mAh Alu Power Banks ZP1632022

    Taylor 2200mAh Alu Power Banks
    Taylor 2200mAh Alu Power Banks provide enough power to charge a smartphone fully or partly charge...

    From£9.52 each

  5. Squid Mini 4000mAh Power Banks ZP1632020

    Squid Mini 4000mAh Power Banks
    Squid Mini 4000mAh Power Banks feature a grade A Li-ion rechargeable battery and silicone suction...

    From£12.14 each

  6. 4500mAh Boost Battery Charger ZP1632015

    4500mAh Boost Battery Charger to re-charge your gadgets on the go. The Boost is a high...

    From£15.89 White, Silver

  7. Titan 8000mAh Powerbanks ZP1632016

    Titan 8000 Powerbanks are a high power charger with 8000mAh capacity and twin USB output for...

    From£24.46 Silver