Promotional Tape Measures

Impactful business promotion through promotional tape measures!

When it comes to business promotion and advertisements, businesses make use of different domestic and everyday items to promote their products and services. Included in this list of practical domestic items is a very common and handy item – a measuring tape. These tapes are highly useful as promotional products. Most people use them regularly in their daily lives. If you are planning to use promotional tape measures for marketing purposes, take a look at the wide variety of measuring tapes offered by us at Zest Promotional today!

Our promotional measuring tapes products are innovatively designed business promotional gifts that come in various shapes and sizes as well as tape lengths. Keeping their professional uses in mind, our measuring tapes have been made from durable and sturdy materials that ensure their longer shelf life.

For high end clients, check out our Dunlop range of measuring tapes that come in Dunlop’s trademark yellow and black colour combination. In addition to the use of stop buttons and belt clips in most Dunlop measuring tapes, some of them have been designed with additional features. For example, the versatile Dunlop Multi Function Measurer features a measuring tape along with two levellers and a laser. Similarly, the Dunlop Ultrasonic Digital Measurer is a premium ultrasonic measuring device that is perfect for use by professionals from various fields.

Have our team of expert designers customise these promotional tape measures with your company logo and name over the generous branding area that is available on these promotional business gifts. Through the use of high tech printing methods, we will ensure that your brand name is prominently displayed on all the promotional wares you buy in style!

To learn more about our promotional tape measures and the various customisation processes available, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional today! Call us at 0800 024 8461 or email us at now!

  1. 15m Measuring Tape ZP3030006

    1.5m Round Measuring Tape which shows cms at the front and inches at the back. For help or advice...

    From£0.62 each

  2. 2m Tape Measure With Memo Pad & Spirit Level ZP3030005

    2m Tape Measure With Memo Pad & Spirit Level combines a 2 metre measuring tape with in-built...

    From£1.15 each

  3. 3m Measuring Tape ZP3030002

    3m Measuring Tape with measurements in cms and inches including a belt clip. Large branding area...

    From£1.25 each

  4. 3m Measuring Tapes ZP3030009

    3m Measuring Tapes with measurements in cms and inchses with a belt clip. A sturdy and durable...

    From£1.34 each

  5. 5m Measuring Tapes ZP3030010

    5m Measuring Tapes with measurements in cms and inchses with a belt clip. A sturdy and durable...

    From£2.02 each

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