Promotional Torches

Make your brand shine more brightly with printed torches!

Promotional torches are a very popular form of advertising your brand because they offer practical use on a daily basis and have a high perception value among all categories of people. As a result, they are highly sought after by people at exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and at other promotional giveaways. Customised with important business details they help to create brand awareness for businesses both big and small along with helping users to light up dark areas. At the same time, besides helping people to light up pathways, torches nowadays also serve many other fruitful purposes as well.

To cater to different promotional needs, our company specialises in providing diverse and different types of branded torches at the best possible prices. These torches come in different shapes and sizes for business gifting purposes for different categories of people. Lightweight and sleek, our printed torches make durable and wear and tear resistant promotional gifts. Designed to provide users with utmost functionality and convenient portability, they can be used in all kinds of situations. While some of them act as key holders, there are others that come with a USB charger for emergencies. Our company also specialises in offering torches that function as bottle openers, karabiners and AM/FM radios.

Our mechanical energy powered torches are extremely apt for eco friendly marketing events and will save your customers from worrying about battery replacements. Some of our eco friendly torches can also act as a source of power supply for various branded mobile phones. To keep up with changing user needs, many of our torches come with powerful LED bulbs instead of conventional incandescent bulbs. As a result, they use much less power, thereby providing your promotional business gifts with a longer shelf life.

Included in our collection are carefully selected headlamps and armband torches that are ideal for various outdoor activities. Our range of work lamps is extremely popular for use at dark and dangerous work spaces. We also offer top quality torches from world famous brands for high status clients in the corporate world. Take a look at our selection of handpicked torches from brands such as Maglite, Dunlop and Marksman, which come in stylish presentation cases and make your pick our wide collection to create the right image for your business.

Whether you have a big business or a small one, you can buy these products in a varying price range and have these practical corporate gifts personalised with your company name and logo to generate awareness about your products and services. We have a team of qualified logo designers who will make use of the latest printing techniques (including popular pad printing and laser engraving) so your company name, images, message and logo is prominently visible on your promotional logo gifts, giving you optimal brand exposure.

Get in touch with our sales team today if you need any torches with your logo and business details printed on them as well as the diverse branding methods on offer. Mail us at or call us at 0800 024 8461 now!

  1. Keyring Torch & Bottle Opener ZP3020007

    Keyring Torch & Bottle Opener is a single white LED light with metal bottle opener and metal split...

    From£0.84 each

  2. The Comet Torch ZP3020010

    The Comet Torch has 5 white LED lights with a push-button on/off power switch and woven nylon...

    From£1.62 each

  3. Puller Keyring Torch ZP3020003

    Puller Keyring Torch with torch and light functions, pull the light up to create an extra light at...

    From£1.76 each

  4. Aluminium 9 LED Torch ZP3020001

    Aluminium 9 LED Torches are stylishly designed with linear dashes around the head and a strap and...

    From£2.13 each

  5. Carabiner LED Torch ZP3020004

    Carabiner LED Torches combine a bright LED torch with a Carabiner ideal for attaching to a bag for...

    From£2.27 each

  6. Mini Torch With USB Charger ZP3020013

    Mini Torch With USB Charger is a rechargeable USB LED mini torch available 6 popular colours,...

    From£2.58 each

  7. Metal LED Torches ZP3020008

    Metal LED Torches are a single white LED light with push button on/off power switch and wrist...

    From£2.75 each

  8. Dynamo 3 LED Torches ZP3020012

    Dynamo 3 LED Torches is eco friendly and perfect for emergency situations as the dynamo provides...

    From£3.91 each

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