Promotional Walking Umbrellas

Spread your business message with promotional walking umbrellas!

An umbrella, in its varied forms, is considered to be among the best marketing tools when it comes to corporate gifts. Umbrellas are the best promotional giveaways because they are extremely popular among people of all ages and are used frequently. Customised promotional umbrellas are very popular as customer gifts and can create a positive response from the client or customer. They can help to build long term business relationships and keep your customers coming back to you.

Build awareness for your brand by using our walking umbrellas with logo at your next marketing campaign. Our company is known for offering a wide selection of printed walking umbrellas at reasonable rates to cater to businesses of all sizes and descriptions. Featuring a strong and sturdy rib and canopy construction, most of our walking umbrellas are suitable for use by both men and women.

One of our most popular and pocket-friendly promotional walking umbrellas is our range of Susino Budget Walking Umbrellas. Featuring an 8 panel canopy construction, this range of unisex umbrellas boasts of user-friendly features such as an auto opening system, zinc frame and a plastic crooked handle. Our Corporate Wood Walking Umbrellas are apt promotional choices for a more traditional look and feel when it comes to walking umbrellas. Made of strong and robust wooden poles and handles, these umbrellas are offered in 16 interesting colour choices!

Apart from a wide variety of unisex walking umbrellas, our exclusive collection of Ladies Fashion Walking Umbrellas is especially crafted for ladies. While the standard navy colour option sports wooden tips, all the other colours come with brown coloured plastic tips. Besides the presence of a fibreglass rib construction and a wooden shaft, other nifty features that these branded walking umbrellas boast of are crooked wooden handles, a polyester canopy and a tie wrap.

Available in vented or double canopy options, our Metro Walking Umbrellas are beautiful examples of fibreglass technology, and functionality combining with a continent-wide inspired design. Another of our novel and innovatively designed walking umbrellas is our Fulton Birdcage Umbrellas that are very popular due to their dome shaped canopy made from clear PVC materials. Equally well known for radiating manly charm and appearance, our traditionally designed Corporate Gents Walking Umbrellas are ideal for all occasions. The gunmetal fittings, along with the black steel pole and wooden handles, make these umbrellas immensely popular among our male customers.

As these promotional gifts will be visible whenever they are used, you need to make them attractive and attention-grabbing in order to create strong brand visibility for your business. The large printing area we provide makes them most suitable for raising brand awareness among people of all ages for many years to come. To make them effective corporate logo gifts as well as to match your business profile, we offer a variety of imprinting methods for customising these corporate gifts with your logo and business name.

To learn more about our branded walking umbrellas as well as the multiple imprinting options offered by us, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional today! Call us at 0800 024 8461 or write to us right way for more details.

  1. Susino Budget Walking Umbrellas ZP2650251

    Susino Walking Umbrellas are a budget unisex walking length umbrella featuring 70cm ribs, auto...

    From£6.21 each

  2. Susino Traveller Walking Umbrellas ZP2650250

    Susino Traveller Walking Umbrellas feature an automatic opening mechanism with black 58.5cm ribs,...

    From£6.93 each

  3. Corporate Wood Walking Umbrellas ZP2650253

    Corporate Wood Walking Umbrellas are a unisex umbrella with a 58cm rib length, 14mm wood pole,...

    From£7.29 each

  4. Corporate Aluminium Walking Umbrellas ZP2650255

    Corporate Aluminium Walking Umbrellas are a unisex promotional umbrella and feature a 58cm rib...

    From£9.43 each

  5. Ladies Fashion Walking Umbrellas ZP2650254

    Ladies Fashion Walking Umbrellas feature a 58cm rib length, 3.5mm diameter fibreglass ribs and a...

    From£9.79 each

  6. Corporate Gents Walking Umbrellas ZP2650252

    Corporate Gents Walking Umbrellas feature automatic opening 70cm black fibreglass ribs, 14mm black...

    From£11.57 each

  7. Metro Walking Umbrellas ZP2650256

    Metro Walking Umbrellas combine fibre glass technology and functionality with continental inspired...

    From£11.93 each

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