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10 perfect customisable bottles & drinkware for giveaways in 2022

Customisable drinkware has become even more popular for giveaways at marketing events, as gifts for employees, presents and for direct marketing campaigns. There are many reasons why drinkware and branded bottles have become a key giveaway and a go-to option for many companies as their main branded merchandise, some of the main benefits being:

      • Providing reusable and sustainable bottles to help eliminate the throw-away culture and plastic pollution. Therefore, it is contributing to reducing pollution on the planet and aligning your brand to taking positive actions for good causes.

      • They’re accessible. The rise of reusing bottles on the go for cafes, restaurants or refilling stations has made it popular to drive a shift in human behaviour.

      • They are stylish and the eco-friendly designs have made them fashionable. This has driven the impact of everyone joining this change to customisable, sustainable drinkware. With millions of posts using the #waterbottle on social platforms like Instagram and most of these showing pictures of colourful sustainable bottles and large brands designing their own, it shows how they’ve become a household item around the world.

    In this article, we will share some top tips to help you make the decisions on what bottles you should choose for your giveaway, as well as provide an essential list of only the best drinkware products to help narrow down your options to some of the bestsellers right now!

    Our tops tips for selecting your choice of giveaway bottles

    It can sometimes be challenging to know what options to go for when choosing your branded up bottles or drinkware giveaways. That’s why we’ve put together this product list below for inspiration but also come up with key considerations to help you identify what factors are important to you for sourcing the perfect drinkware giveaway. Here are our top tips…

        • Right features and functions for your customers: Think about what you want the main feature/or functions to be for your customers. Should it be collapsible so it’s easier to pack away and travel with? Should it be well insulated and can be used to keep drinks at the same temperature for a long period of time? Or should it have other functions like tell you how much water to drink or allow you to blend fruits?

        • Think about the use case: Often choosing features and thinking about the use case goes hand in hand. For instance, if you want a bottle for travel then you will be looking for a lighter or easy to access bottle that can be stored away. Likewise, if you want a sporting bottle product, then you might go for certain style that doesn’t have all those other features you need. Think about what main use cases your customers crave right now and then pinpoint which type of bottle can deliver on that use case.

        • Eco-friendly and durability: A lot of drinkware products are eco-friendly, but if sustainability is the whole focus of the bottle product, then go for the crème de le crème and check how it’s made and how sustainable it will be. Suppliers can help you to understand where products and materials are sourced to get a picture of the overall impact on the environment and how durable products are.

        • Cost and quantity: Consider what budget range you have? How many bottles will you need for the external/internal marketing campaign? Discuss options with preferred suppliers to help understand what options can suit your budget and requirements.

        • Customisable features: Depending on how much customisation you require will depend on what options might be best for you. If it’s a case of a particular logo on bottle this will open options up, but if there are more customisations from patterns, particular colours and even style changes then this can make your options more focussed.

        • The aesthetic appeal: Lastly, discuss what kind of drinkware style is important to you and your brand. Does it need to be bold? A certain shape or style? Look unique to your brand?

      … And now on to the 10 customisable and branded drinkware options that customers are just loving right now!

      1. Bespoke Insulated Water Bottles

      Stainless steel insulated water bottles have been all the rage and the likes of reusable bottle brands like Chilly’s have grown the trend. However, unlike Chilly’s, these 500ml insulated water bottles are much more customisable and affordable with different variations of colour prints to having a full colour print custom with your branded colours, with of course the logo placement being key. Have the quality of a well-insulated bottle, with the benefits of being bespoke to you and your company. With the addition of wrapping them up in individual boxes or tubes with your design to add that extra touch of class for your customers. Learn more.

      1. Bespoke Insulated Waters Bottle

      2. Contingo 590ml Ashland Chill Bottles

      Looking for a solid water bottle to keep your drinks cold? And is highly durable? Then look no further. The Contingo Ashland bottles keep drinks cold for up to 20 hours! These branded bottles (engraved logo) are known for their clever design as they’re guaranteed to be leak-free, keep drinks chilled and protect you from microbes/dirt with it’s closed spout at the top. Because of this, the auto-spout is so innovative they offer a two-year warranty and our recognised in the industry for its practical design. Learn more.

      Contingo 590ml Ashland Chill Customisable Bottle


      3. Vasa 500ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Sport Bottles


      Are you searching for a sporting design water bottle? One that can keep drinks hot or cold for long periods of time? Then this copper vacuumed insulated sport bottle is just the one for you! It’s double walled, made from 18/8 grade stainless steel with a strong screw on lid to prevent spillages. It can be customised with engravings or with colour prints with options of different colours to suit your brand. Learn more.

      Vasa 500ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Sport Bottles


      4. Americano 350ml Thermal Mugs


      Who doesn’t love a hot drink on the go!? Coffee and teas are great for ticking us along and sometimes help us to get through a day! These modern alternatives to the travel mugs offer 350ml capacity and have double-walled polypropylene materials to keep your drinks warm and are dishwasher safe. These mugs are great branded up and getting your brand noticed whilst customers are enjoying a hot drink out and about! You can also customise with silicone wrap arounds for extra comfort for holding. Learn more.

      Americano 350ml Thermal Mugs


      5. 12 oz Ecoffee Cups


      If sustainability is at the core of your branded drinkware choice, then these Ecoffee cups are a great option for you and your customers! These cups are made from the most sustainable and fastest growing crop bamboo and are eco-friendly. With over 70+ custom designs, each with your unique mark on, these are a perfect option to align your company to being more eco-friendly whilst showing how slick your brand is. Learn more.

      12 oz Ecoffee Cups


      6. 140z Stainless Steel Thermal Travel Mugs


      Now travel has opened up and we enter the post-pandemic world with people wanting to get out and about more often… travel mugs are back in action more than ever! Steel thermal travel mugs are always a classic and perfect for outdoor adventures, camping, commuting and more. Keeping your drinks at the same temperature that you like them to be. This is a reliable option, has 400ml capacity and can offer several customised options to make your brand look great! These options include engraving logos and full colour logos wrapped around the mugs. Learn more.

      140z Stainless Steel Thermal Travel Mugs


      7. Americano Espresso 250ml Insulated Tumblers


      Tumblers are a great option for having variety for sustainable travel mugs and drinkware. It allows you to have a smaller quantity of a drink of your choice and perfect for espressos! These types of tumblers certainly go down well with the coffee community and are compact which makes it very accessible for storing away in bags when commuting or travelling. It also fits under most coffee makers and is very customisable with different colour/branding options. Learn more.

      Americano Espresso 250ml Insulated Tumblers


      8. Stojo 12oz Brooklyn Collection


      Stojo cups are the most ideal drinkware products for storing away and using on the go. This is because they can easily and quickly be collapsed into a small leak-proof disk. They can also be used with reusable and life-long straws with its straw mouth tab feature. They’re completely free of BPAs, glues and any chemicals making, and all parts fit together like a simple puzzle. They’re also super slick, stylish and definitely of the now!  Learn more.

      Stojo 12oz Brooklyn Collection Collapsible Cups


      9. Dalton 550ml Matt Aluminium Sports Bottles


      Everyone needs a handy bottle for those sporty or adventure weekends. This is where the Dalton aluminium sport bottle is a great giveaway for those that love the great outdoors! It has a good size capacity of 550ml, with a black screw top and a carabineer which is handy for attaching to bags, your waist or coat when hiking or travelling. This handy bottle also looks great in a range of colours with your logo, loud and proud on the front, which can be printed in colour or engraved. Learn more.

      Dalton 550ml Matt Aluminium Sports Bottles


      10. Tutti-Frutti 740ml Tritan Infuser Sport Bottles


      Here’s a branded bottle with a twist! This large 740ml Tutti-Frutti bottle gives the added benefits of having a fruit infuser which you can add any fruits, herbs or botanicals to create a healthy, tasty drink. The bottle is incredible easy to use, has a twist-on lid with a drinking spout and is very easy to clean as well. For those health-conscious customers, this is a great choice to brand the bottle with a colour printed logo. Learn more.

      Tutti-Frutti 740ml Tritan Infuser Sport Bottles


      We hope you found our guide and list handy to be able to make your decision for you to choose your perfect branded bottle for your next giveaway and marketing campaign. As a reminder, remember to write down what your requirements and criteria are, to ensure that your branded drinkware can fulfil your goals and wow your clients!  If you need any further help with choosing your customisable drinkware products, then why not contact the leading experts in promotional products, Zest Promotional? Contact us here.

          • Why not read our bottle specialist guide to learn more about our full range of bottles and the different types of customisations?

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