Branding Methods

Blind Embossing

A process whereby a logo is stamped into the surface of a product. An example would be a leather folder or passport holder.



The reverse of blind embossing where the logo is raised from the surface of the product.




A process which applies heat to transfer dyes to a promotional product.




Usually used on clothing. This is costed by counting the number of stitches. This is very durable and hard wearing and can have a great effect.




Four colour

artwork is split into four primary colours (Cyan, Magena, Yellow and Black – CMYK) which is then digitally applied to a product as a percentage of each colour.



A process usually used on metal or metal coated products.



Hotfoil Printing

Used to apply a logo with either gold, silver or coloured foils. Usually used on leather or PU.


Off-set Litho Printing

Produces a very high quality print commonly used on paper products.


Pad Printing

A raised profile is applied to a pad, ink is applied to the raised area and then pressed onto a product. One of the most common methods used to apply a logo to a product.



Screen Printing

The most common branding method. Ink is squeezed through a fine mesh or 'screen' to apply the logo to the product.


Origination/ Set Up Charges

Die Charge

The cost of the die stamping tool used to apply an emboss to an item.