Promotional Ad Loop Keyrings

  1. Mini Ad Loop Keyrings ZP2311101

    Mini Ad-Loop Keyrings are a mini version of the popular Ad-Loop Keyrings and are suitable for a...

    From£0.19 each

  2. Standard Ad Loop Keyrings ZP2311102

    Standard Ad-Loop Keyrings are a brilliant promotional item keeping your brand in sight all the...

    From£0.21 each

  3. Jumbo Ad Loop Keyrings ZP2311103

    Jumbo Ad-Loop Keyrings are almost impossible to loose and will keep your brand in sight all the...

    From£0.28 each

Brand your name and image on affordable promotional ad loop keyrings!

Ever popular branded ad loop keyrings are regarded by marketing professionals to be one of the most economical products for brand promotion. These popular marketing tools have proven to be quite effective in the promotion of one’s brand in a cost effective manner in addition to offering daily use to consumers. For this reason, many companies are making use of these promotional keyrings to advertise their brand. If you want to use these stylish but practical customer gifts in your promotion campaign, browse through our selection of ad loop keyrings today!

Appropriate for a wide range of uses, our ad loop keyrings with logo are available in three sizes - standard, large and small. In addition to varied sizes, they are also available in a range of colour choices including white, yellow, fluorescent yellow, orange and fluorescent orange to match the different image and marketing needs of businesses. Made from premium quality materials including plastic, these keyrings are long lasting and durable business gifts.

To suit different events, category of customers and causes, you can have our team of personalisation specialists customise the ribbon in five types of colours; the plastic base in eight exciting colours including a fluorescent shade that glows in the dark. In addition, the end cap of these customer gifts can also be personalised using eight colours including fluorescent hues. To make your business message and corporate logo prominently discernible, ask our team to help you design your keyring in the most efficient manner using different branding applications (including rotary printing) to reproduce sharp images!

Designed to remain within easy reach, these keyrings will make sure your brand name and promotional message is in sight all the time! Call our sales team on 0800 024 8461 or write to us at today if you want to know more about these promotional ad loop keyrings and the different branding processes available.

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