Promotional Baseball Caps

  1. Memphis 5 Panel Baseball Caps ZP4920001

    Memphis 5 Panel Baseball Caps made from cotton with a velcro closure, embroidered or transfer...

    From£1.71 each

  2. San Diego Caps ZP4910002

    ZP4910002-San-Diego-Caps jpg
    US Basic San Diego Caps made from cotton with your logo embroidered to the front centre for...

    From£2.11 each

  3. Slazenger 6 Panel Sandwich Baseball Caps ZP4920007

    Slazenger 6 Panel Sandwich Baseball Caps made from heavy twill cotton, embroidered or transfer...

    From£3.34 each

  4. Slazenger 6 Panel New Edge Baseball Caps ZP4920008

    Slazenger 6 Panel New Edge Baseball Caps made from cotton, embroidered or transfer printed to the...

    From£3.86 each

  5. Slazenger 6 Panel Mesh Edge Baseball Caps ZP4920011

    Slazenger 6 Panel Mesh Edge Baseball Caps made from Polyester, embroidered or transfer printed to...

    From£5.04 each

  6. Slazenger 6 Panel Cool Fit Baseball Caps ZP4920012

    Slazenger 6 Panel Cool Fit Baseball Caps made from Polyester, embroidered or transfer printed to...

    From£5.27 each

  7. Momentum Baseball Caps ZP4920016

    Elevate Momentum Baseball Caps made from 100% Polyester with self fabric strap velcro closure with...

    From£8.47 each

Create brand visibility with baseball caps with your logo for maximum results!

Among the different and diverse types of caps available in the market, baseball caps are highly popular among people of all age groups. They are used not only for protecting the head and face from harmful rays of the sun, but are also used as a fashion accessory to accessorise casual and informal attire. Because of their wide use and popularity, they have become the most preferred business promotional gifts for raising brand awareness among potential and existing customers, employees and business associates. For this reason, promotional baseball caps are a necessity at trade shows, corporate events, exhibitions and various promotional giveaways. Many people, on the other hand, love to receive such practical and handy promotional gifts since they can wear them not only to their baseball games but for outdoor activities like hiking, jogging and golf. They are also suitable to wear to the marketplace as well. Unlike other promotional products they are very cost effective as well!

To assist you in your brand building exercise, we provide the widest range of branded baseball caps at affordable rates to suit businesses both big and small. Offered in a wide array of colours, our collection of low cost baseball caps comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes! Made from strong and resilient cotton and polyester materials, these caps have an extremely soft and smooth finish! Offered in both six and five panel options, they make extremely long lasting products.

Designed to fit the heads of a wearer perfectly, these caps come with smart Velcro closures at the back of the cap. Possessing stiff brims that are either flat or curved, some of the brims on our baseball caps with logo can also be pulled back to make a style statement or to simply enjoy the sunshine! Other noteworthy add-ons found in some of our baseball caps are metal buckles, sweatbands and D-ring metal tuck-ins. Besides fully covered baseball caps, we also provide open crown baseball caps that offer excellent protection to the eyes against the harmful rays of the sun.

To make promotional baseball caps your unique corporate gift idea and effective promotional tools, have our team of branding experts personalise them with your promotional message using transfer print techniques or embroidery over the large branding areas of these corporate promotional gifts. Customised with your logo and brand name, your receivers will be highly pleased to receive a thoughtful corporate logo gift they can use anytime, anywhere! Useful on a daily basis and easy to carry around, your business message (printed on the front or back) will be shared with a large number of people and will remain in the public spotlight for a long time to come.

For help and advice on selecting the best branded baseball caps that meet all your marketing requirements, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional now! Email us at or call us at 0800 024 8461 right away!

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