Beach Balls

  1. Trias Solid Beach Balls ZP2935008

    Trias Solid Beach Balls
    Trias Solid Beach Balls compliant with EN71 PVC with 3 colour shades. Available in blue, Grey &...

    From£0.62 each

  2. 25cm Transparent Two Tone Beach Balls ZP2935001

    25cm Transparent Two Tone Beach Balls with alternate white and coloured transparent panels....

    From£0.84 each

  3. 26cm Two Tone Beach Balls ZP2935003

    Alternate white and coloured paneled beach balls 26cms when inflated, made from phthalata free...

    From£0.88 each

  4. 26cm Opaque Beach Balls ZP2935002

    Made from phthalates free EN71 compliant material, available in 8 popular colours. Maximum 1...

    From£0.88 each

  5. Aquatime Beach Balls ZP2935009

    Aquatime Beach Balls yellow printed
    Inflatable beach balls with alternate solid and transparent panels. Available in 6 bright popular...

    From£0.89 each

  6. Rainbow Solid Beach Balls ZP2935007

    Rainbow Solid Beach Balls
    25cms when inflated and compliant with EN71 PVC. Panel colours include green, white, red, orange,...

    From£0.90 each

  7. 28cm Transparent Beach Balls ZP2935004

    28cm Transparent Beach Balls made from PVC, available in 5 bright colours. Generous print...

    From£1.01 each

  8. Large 40cm Beach Balls ZP2935010

    Play Beach Ball Main
    Large 40cm Beach Balls are large Inflatable beach balls. 40 cm diameter. Large inflatable beach...

    From£2.29 Each

  9. Lighty Beach Balls ZP2935011

    lighty Beach Balls Main
    Lighty Beach Balls are Inflatable beach balls with a light inside. 28cm diameter. Inflatable ball...

    From£2.71 Each

  10. Large 49cm PVC Beach Balls ZP2935005

    Large 49cm PVC Beach Balls
    Large PVC Beach Balls 49cms when inflated providing an extra large branding area. Available in 3...

    From£3.01 each

Have fun promoting your business with these promotional beach balls!

Many businesses promote their brand name through printed beach balls as they are considered to be fun promotional products. People usually love such promotional business gifts as they get to amuse themselves and derive some fun from the promotional product too! If you plan to liven up your business promotion and want to derive maximum brand exposure from promotional beach balls , check out our collection of branded beach balls!

At Zest Promotional, we offer fun and trendy branded beach balls that come in different shapes, sizes and colours. All our printed beach balls are safe to use as they are phthalate free. We have single colour as well as multi coloured beach balls on offer. For an added fun factor, we offer printed beach balls too. For instance, our Beach Ball with Globe Imprint product can be used for both fun and learning purposes. Along with these branded beach balls, you can give away different beach accessories that come in nice sets, making them ideal for gifting! Take a glance at our Beach Set and Dunes Game Set selections, which have been carefully handpicked for satisfying various business promotional needs.

Our personalised beach balls can be customised in any manner that best suits your business requirements. Your business clients, customers and associates will love to receive beach balls custom imprinted with your brand name. If you are on the lookout for promotional products that will provide prolonged exposure of your brand name, invest in our printed beach balls today!

For additional information on our Zest Promotional products and services, feel free to call our sales team at 0800 024 8461 or email us at

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