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7 Useful Tips to Create a More Eco-Friendly Office

An office meeting with two men shaking hands over their workThe world is becoming more environmentally-conscious – and rightly so. An extortionate amount of electricity is being used to power your office spaces, with everything from the computers that you use to the lights that hang overhead using a large proportion of your energy source. With employees spending, on average, 37 hours of their week within the walls of your company, the eco-friendly office is more than just electricity. Converting the office to an eco-friendly business may seem as though it is a challenge; in fact, it isn’t. Frequently, people believe that opting for the more “green” option is more expensive, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are a number of small changes that can be made that cost next-to-nothing and will, in fact, save you money in the long run. Here at Zest Promotional, we think that it is incredibly important to make these alterations wherever possible, so have composed a list of helpful tips to get you started! One useful one: consider our bevvy of different eco-friendly focused promotional products for your next marketing campaign.


Whereas at home, people are keen to recycle, sifting through their rubbish in order to sort their cardboard from their plastic. However, this is a practice that is often forgotten in the workplace. Workers create waste within operating hours; alternatively, recycling can ensure that you’re an eco-friendly business wherever possible. Finding a solution to encourage others to recycle at work is more straightforward than it may seem. As a consequence, it all stems from making it an accessible activity. Make recycling bins visible, with labels informing your employees as to what should go in each box. By making the recycling station glaringly obvious, people no longer have excuses for putting plastic or paper in with general waste.


For office spaces, the lighting needs to be bright in order to illuminate as much of the area as possible. With this in mind, the bright lightbulbs that you’re using are dramatically prohibiting your office from being environmentally-friendly. Previously, low energy lightbulbs took a long time to light up and seemed too dim, especially for industrial spaces. However, not only are these an efficient choice for the eco-friendly office; but it is a sustainability-focused choice. Estimates show such measures “could also prevent over 16 billion tons of carbon from being added to the world’s atmosphere over the next 25 years”. That’s according to one report by the International Energy Agency has stated.

Eco-friendly office supplies

Your office, primarily in a more substantial organisation, will go through an excessive amount of supplies each year. That’s especially so when it comes to pens and paper. One of the easiest ways to reduce carbon levels in this area is by looking and rethinking where you get office products from. Recycled paper is now widely available, with recycled elements also going into making office pens with a logo also. In purchasing these items, you reduce the strain on nature and enable recycling to take place!

Turn off

It’s easy at the end of the day to leave your office without thinking about what’s still using up electricity. However, turning off technology and lights before leaving is a natural and fool-proof way to reduce your eco-friendly business’s energy consumption. There may be a number of things that you need to keep plugged in and switched on. Nevertheless, making sure that things are off whenever possible also benefits your company.


Sustainability extends to outside the office also, so encourage your employees to rethink their means of travel. Many companies have a cycle-to-work scheme in place, which persuades people to ditch their car and get on their bike. You can both:
  • Reduce the carbon emissions of your office, and also
  • Create a fantastic way of keeping everyone fit and healthy, by getting everyone outside.
This is incredibly beneficial if people have desk jobs where they are stationary all day. Effectively, it advocates them to get moving, allowing some exercise to enter their schedules. Rethink where you get your office products from. We offer loads of eco-friendly products here at Zest Promotional.

Stay local

If you have a kitchen in your office, it’s more than likely that you will have food in there that has been mass-produced and purchased from a supermarket. However, even small steps such as picking up your milk locally or sourcing your eggs from a nearby farm can help your sustainability levels. If you consider the carbon footprint of things that come into your building, you can start a conversation. Furthermore, it enables others to consider how detrimental it may be to the environment.


One of the easiest ways to boost morale and make your office more eco-friendly is with plants. Bringing a bit of greenery into your space not only helps improve mood, but also the quality of air. There are a number of different plants for your consideration, each with different benefits. A Maranta Leuconeura can grow in spaces that are lacking in light. Alternatively, an Areca is a perfect choice if air quality is your main concern!

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