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Did I Hear You Right? Think About Promotional Audio Speakers?

Audio speakers may not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering promotional gifts. But you would be wrong to discount them. You see, technology is not only changing the way that we do business but the way in which we conduct our lives and in a gadget-galore world, none of the media we have access to is any use without sound. Therefore audio speakers have become an accustomed requirement.

I know what you are thinking – headphones. And yes, whilst headphones are a very useful promotional tool they don’t have the dynamic capacity that speakers give you. You can´t wear headphones in the shower and the laptop speakers are not powerful enough. Nor can you share headphones with family and friends like you can with speakers.

When you consider what the manufacturers put into improving the sound quality and design of their speakers you really become to appreciate just how important they are to people. What’s more, consider how much people will pay for them. Oswald’s Mill Audio has just fashioned retro speakers that cost £108,000. (The thud to my left was the sub-editor falling off his chair!)

Engraved Bluetooth Speakers

Branded Desktop Speaker

Of course, promotional speakers do not carry such a weighty price tag you will be relieved to know. Quite the contrary! They are easily affordable, can be purchased in bulk and with space to print your company logo are an excellent branding tool. For advertising purposes, speakers are more powerful than you can imagine.

For example, take the branded desktop speaker. With the growth in b2b video conferencing you have a prime opportunity to market your brand to your clients or through your clients. Desktop speakers have plenty of space on the back to print your company logo which in turn is facing the camera and can be seen by the other party in the meeting.

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