Zest Promotional offers insights about the potential offered by promotional polo shirts

Promotional Polo Shirts – Zest Promotional Tip of the Week

Smart promotional polo shirts offer a good choice as a marketing tool or as an addition to a staff uniform. These shirts are popular casual wear items just that bit smarter than a t-shirt and available in a range of colours and sizes.

You can embellish the shirt with a simple logo on the front, or you can add a more complicated design on the back; the choice is yours.

Promotional polo shirts as a sport sponsorship scheme

The left shirt breast of a promotional polo shirt is a great place for your company logo

Promotional polo shirts are often appropriate for advertising, under a sponsorship scheme, to a local sports team. As a result, these occasions are wonderful opportunities to create brand awareness as one that commits to the local community. Most teams are always on the lookout for this sort of deal. There are many different sports that can display your message from youngsters’ football teams to pensioners’ bowls clubs. Choose the age range that is most appropriate for your service or product. Likewise, they will appreciate receiving a new kit and promote your business as they wear them.

As with any clothing item, remember the following with polo shirts.

  • Select a good quality, well-made product.
  • Ensure it is going to launder well.
  • Ensure it will keep its colour.
  • Aim for something that will look smart.

You do not want your business associated with anything that looks cheap, washed out and faded since this is not the image you want to project. This is also a very important point when using promotional polo shirts as part of your staff uniform. You always want your staff to project a professional, smart and friendly persona to your customers.

Choose promotional polo shirts in a colour which will make your staff stand out and easily recognisable for your customers to approach. Some businesses choose to put slogans on the back of the shirt. For example:

  • ‘I am here to help’,
  • ‘Security’
  • ‘Pleased to Assist You’ (which invites customer contact.)

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