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Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts – Zest Promotional Tip of the Week

So you need some promotional product and corporate gift tips?

Before we lay them out below, why does your corporate gift strategy matter so much? It is always important to give the impression to customers and business contacts that you are successful, reliable and trading strongly even in a depressed market. The one area that many businesses seem to cut back on first in times of difficulty is marketing, which is a huge mistake.

Corporate Gift Tips #1: Send the right signals

When purse strings tighten, there may be a need to tailor the budget slightly. Endeavour to make sure you employ only cost-effective potentially successful campaigns. However, tread carefully as a business known for actively promoting its service. If that activity were to suddenly stop, it would send alarm bells to customers and businesses with whom they trade.

Promotional products and corporate gifts are a great way to promote any company. Moreover, it’s rather easy to continue using these valuable marketing tools even in hard times. It just means that more forethought and planning needs to go into the purchase and distribution of these items.

Tip 2: Quality promotional products are affordable

There are excellent gifts available from specialist suppliers giving good value for money and great discounts for buying in bulk. Go for the best quality items possible every time.

Even under close scrutiny, you’ll discover how economical the prices often turn out to be can be. There is a vast choice available. Moreover, it is better to buy small, stylish gifts rather than something loud but cheap.

Make sure that staff members are up to speed on the following.

  • The objective of the campaign and;
  • How to use promotional products and corporate gifts.

Tip 3: Clearly outline your target markets

Another of our critical promotional product tips concerns your target audience. Outlining your target customer is critical because you don’t want gifts sent to those who would never require your services or products. This is to ensure that your corporate gifts go to the right people and meet ROI objectives. Also, send promotional products and gifts only to those that you

  • value and want to retain;
  • those who you wish to get on board;

Conversely, do not send to everyone you have ever dealt with. Staff will rally round and help promote your business well and appropriately if the objectives are fully explained to them. After all, the success of the business is paramount in your staff remaining employed as part of a successful team.

Tip 4: Follow the analytics & trends, and look for opportunities

Monitor campaigns regularly and keep looking out for new avenues to get your brand name seen and recognised. If you have previously used trade shows and exhibitions to promote but now find the costs restrictive, then simply scale down the size of your presence and go with something simple but tasteful.

With helpful, smart representatives, great promotional products and corporate gifts these events can be just as successful in generating new trade without the large expense of elaborate, expensive stands. Small is beautiful as the saying goes and this can be very true when applied correctly.

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