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Relieve pain and injury onsite with Promotional First Aid Kits

Let your brand help your business associates and employees every time they need a little care, love and treatment. How? Firstly, order our well designed and packaged promotional first aid kits. Then, just hand them out to your clients, customers and employees on any

  • business event,
  • company promotional party and also
  • non-profit fundraising occasion!

Every time there is an accident or mishap, your custom imprinted first aid kit gift helps business associates or employees start their recovery. Whether its burns, injuries or cuts and whenever they use this branded medical kit, they will remember your thoughtfulness, making your business bonding with them firmer.

Why promotional first aid kits?

Apart from your recipients, many people will come to know about this highly efficient and practical gift from word-of-mouth publicity when your recipients use it in front of others. They’ll also help you to get potential leads which are highly important for your business.

We include different types of first aid kits in our collection, which we categorise mainly into three sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large.

These categories are designed to meet the promotional needs of every company according to taste together with budget. But take comfort: all promotional first aid kits are economically priced. These three varieties vary in the number and assortment of various first aid items they contain. Some of these emergency medical kits come in white boxes. Some also come with coloured waist bags, nylon pouches, small and coloured plastic cases and pocket cases.

Branded First Aid Kit in a Tin
Branded First Aid Kit in a Tin

Other things to know

All of these cases are both handy and ideal for travelling. Simply design your logo artwork on these promotional first aid kits and hand them out to all the recipients. You’ll create long term brand value for your brand or company.

Go through our collection of custom imprinted first aid kits to choose the best one suited for your brand promotion. For advice on the promotional first aid kit that best suits your promotional needs, we can help. So if you need help in designing your logo artwork, please

Do some effective brand marketing with our promotional first aid kits. Even better, ensure the safety and health of your business clients, associates and employees today!

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