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Leaving Your Mark After a Pitch With Leather Folders

When it comes to branding and selecting leather conference folders, the process counts heavily on how you pitch yourself to a prospect.

The big pitch and Leather Conference Folders

Consider those moments when you’re pitching for business with a potential new client. Here, it’s not just important to deliver a fantastic presentation. You’ve also got to make sure you don’t fade from memory once you’ve left the building.

To that end, companies often see several pitches before shortlisting. However, if the big boss sends his staff to see you instead of him or herself, how you come across:

  • Firstly lies in the hands of the person that saw you
  • Secondly, will rely on what they remember about you.

After a long day of watching pitches and several jugs of coffee, your prospects will be worn down. Ergo, it’s that much tougher to come across as well as you’d like to do. And you’re also at the mercy of what you’ve given them to work with.

Consider with your leather conference folder the amount of promotional products you can include for prospects.

A Leather Conference Folder Makes an Impression

“So what’s the solution” I hear you cry! Well, it’s simple really: go for a promotional leather A4 conference folder.

Leather folders can be embossed with your company name, or screen and digital printing are on offer if you prefer. When the main man asks what you were like, they’ll hand over your leather A4 folder. It’s the ultimate first impression of the creativity your company brings to the table.

Leather folders are available to suit all budgets, and quality varies depending on how much you want to spend. So go for the best one you can afford. As for the potential client? The quality and durability of the folder you choose will reflect how you as a company are seen.

Outside, a Branded Folder: Inside, More Promotional Items

Your work isn’t complete with the folder, though. Because when the client opens a good quality leather zipped folder, a host of promotional goodies should be waiting inside. Each one will have its own agenda.

With a combination branded pen and USB flash drive, you can include your pre-loaded presentation branded as a writing instrument


The USB pen featuring your company’s branding could contain the pitch slides. So the busy decision-makers at the top who may not have attended your pitch can watch it at their leisure. Some cool aspects about these pens, like the USB TouchPen Pens, can benefit your pitches in a variety of ways.

  • They’re optimised for safe, handy storage and transport of file. For instance, it’s a good spot for your presentation.
  • It’s a strong “Plug & Play” product that’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux devices.
  • The rubber pointer at the top can be used on touch screen devices. It’s three different functionalities in one device!

Notepad and pen

The notepad and pen, also personalised with your company name will be a constant reminder of you. Whether taking a phone message or jotting a note, there you’ll be, every time they reach for pen and paper.

Business Card

Conference leather folders can also contain an all-important business card. So when they finally come to their senses and realise that of course, you are a perfect choice, they can easily find your details to get in touch.

So the next time you go out to pitch, try handing out some leather folders. Then just sit back and wait for the calls to flood in…

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