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What makes promotional travel mugs work as a gift idea?

Searching for an excellent way to get your brand noticed at an upcoming tradeshow or charitable event? Promotional giveaways for customers and clients are the best gift ideas, which automatically help in driving traffic to your business. Promotional travel mugs are superb gifts for marketing your brand as these items promote your brand every day everywhere they are seen.

So, why do promotional travel mugs work?

For executive corporate events, stainless steel travel mugs are perfect, but for mass promotions or where you need to look after your budget, you can opt for plastic body travel mugs as well. Both are thermal mugs which will allow your customers to enjoy hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Plastic body travel mugs are generally double-walled, separated by an insulating layer, exactly similar to the design of stainless steel travel mugs.

Brand name coffee cup customisation

Increasingly, promotional travel mug brands lend well as a promotional travel mug co-brand. We work with several leading brands in travel mugs and drinkware alike, including:

Americano 350 ml Insulated Tumbler White Red
Americano 350 ml Insulated Tumbler White Red

Stainless Steel has appeal

zp0400022 oregon 450ml colour trim travel mugs jpg
zp0400022 oregon 450ml colour trim travel mugs jpg

The only difference is that the inner wall is made from food-grade compliant high-grade stainless steel and the outer wall is made from premium quality plastic of vibrant shades, which make this type of travel mug more appealing and attractive to your customers and clients. The size, shape and design of these corporate gifts vary from product to product, and so does the customization. Some of these travel mugs come with perfectly designed screw lids with sip covers that are spill-proof, which makes your client’s hot tea or coffee experience more memorable and enjoyable.

Send the right message to clients

Apart from satiating the taste buds of your clients and customers with their favourite beverages from your promotional travel mug, you need to ensure that your gift sends the right business message to your target audience. So, always custom imprint your brand name and logo with contrasting colours on the body of these mugs for effective brand visibility. Wrap around customisation is most suitable for this kind of drinkware as it offers more prominent and distinct brand exposure. Even if you have offered travel mugs earlier as corporate giveaways, don’t hesitate to repeat them because this corporate gift is a favourite among clients and customers because of its versatile and regular use at home, office and while travelling.

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