Bluetooth Speakers

Embrace technology and choose our promotional Bluetooth speakers. Portable and mini, they can be branded with a unique message. Allow your potential customers and employees to enjoy music, podcasts and more wherever they are. Shop for wireless branded audio gifts online here today with Zest Promotional.

  1. Whammo Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790025

    Whammo Speaker Main
    Whammo Bluetooth® Speakers are a compact, lightweight and portable Bluetooth® speaker that...

    From£3.89 each

  2. Nomia Mini Bluetooth Speaker ZP1790015

    Nomia Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 2W of output, available in 5...

    From£5.29 each

  3. Rubber Cylinder Speakers ZP1790065

    Rubber Cylinder Speaker Black Branded
    Rubber Cylinder Speakers lets enjoy music and movies anywhere by pairing your Bluetooth®...

    From£6.48 each

  4. Greedo Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790029

    Greedo Main
    Greedo Bluetooth® Speakers enjoy music and movies anywhere by pairing your Bluetooth®...

    From£6.72 each

  5. Naiad Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790027

    Naiad Main
    Naiad Bluetooth® speakers are Mini Bluetooth® speakers with 10-metre range wireless...

    From£6.76 each

  6. Roll Bluetooth Fabric Speakers ZP1790057

    Roll Bluetooth Speaker Turquoise Branded
    Roll Bluetooth Fabric Speakers are 4.2 Bluetooth round speakers. Fabric cover on the...

    From£6.80 each

  7. Clip Mini Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790067

    Clip Mini Speaker Black Branded
    Clip Mini Bluetooth Speakers are a compact, lightweight and portable Bluetooth® speaker that...

    From£7.20 each

  8. Melody Wireless Speakers ZP1790060

    Melody Wireless Speakers Red
    Melody Wireless Speakers with cool retro design. With 400 mAh battery for up to 4 hours...

    From£7.35 each

  9. PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790049

    PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speaker
    PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speakers are the perfect solution when you want a big sound from little...

    From£7.88 each

  10. 3W Sound 4.2 Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790053

    3W Sound Bluetooth Speaker Black
    3W Sound 4.2 Bluetooth Speakers are aluminium 4.2 Bluetooth speaker with rechargeable Li-on 450mAh...

    From£7.92 each

  11. Round White Speakers ZP1790039

    Round White Main
    Round White Speakers are Round Bluetooth speakers with LED light up body. 2.1 Bluetooth...

    From£7.92 each

  12. Classic Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790028

    Classic Main
    Classic Bluetooth® Speakers are a vintage looking portable wireless speaker with an internal...

    From£9.28 each

  13. Hikari Speakers ZP1790037

    Hikari Main
    Hikari Speakers is a Double function device: 2.1 Bluetooth speaker and FM radio in ABS including...

    From£9.33 each

  14. Rock Bluetooth Fabric Speakers ZP1790058

    Rock Speaker Front
    Rock Bluetooth Fabric Speakers are 4.2 Bluetooth square speakers. Fabric cover on the...

    From£10.11 each

  15. Round Light Speakers ZP1790038

    Round Light Main
    Round Light Speakers are Bluetooth speaker with led light 2.1 Bluetooth speaker in ABS with...

    From£10.40 each

  16. 3W Wooden Speakers ZP1790055

    Wood Speaker Side Branded
    The Wooden Speakers are 4.1 Bluetooth speaker (1 x 3W) with built-in amplifier....

    From£11.84 each

  17. Kubus Bluetooth® and NFC Speakers ZP1790032

    Kubus Main
    Kubus Bluetooth® and NFC speakers are Portable square shape Bluetooth® speaker with 3W...

    From£12.24 each

  18. Morley Aluminum Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790034

    Morley Main
    Morley Aluminum Bluetooth® Speaker enjoy exceptional sound with the Morley aluminum...

    From£12.49 each

  19. Wireless Speaker Sunglasses ZP1790063

    Sunglasses Speaker Branded
    Wireless Speaker Sunglasses get ready for the summer with these trendy sunglasses with built-in...

    From£12.53 each

  20. iSpeak Bluetooth Speaker ZP1790020

    i-Speak Bluetooth Speaker has a large branding area suitable for stunning full colour logos and...

    From£12.65 each

  21. Light up Logo Wireless Speakers ZP1790062

    LIght Up Logo Speaker Branded
    Light up Logo Wireless Speakers that can be customised with your logo on the ABS surface....

    From£12.69 each

  22. Double 3W Wooden Speakers ZP1790056

    Double Wooden Speaker Front Branded
    The Double 3W Wooden Speakers are 4.1 Bluetooth speaker (2 x 3W) with built-in amplifier....

    From£15.31 each

  23. Wireless Charger Speakers ZP1790061

    Wireless Charger Speaker White Branded
    Wireless Charger Speakers combines listening to your favourite tunes with charging your phone...

    From£16.73 each

  24. Power Note Wireless Powerbank Speakers ZP1790052

    Power Note Speaker Main
    Power Note Wireless Powerbank Speakers are two-coloured design wireless speaker and portable...

    From£16.93 each

  25. PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790050

    PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speaker Main
    PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speakers deliver a rich flawless sound quality with built in Bass...

    From£16.93 each

  26. Volcano II Bluetooth Metal Speaker ZP1790023

    Volcano II Bluetooth Metal Speaker delivers great sounds quality with strong bass and 3W output....

    From£18.13 each

  27. Shae fabric and Wood Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790066

    Shae Fabric and Wood Speaker Branded
    Enjoy exceptional sound of the Shae Fabric and Wood Bluetooth® Speakers. Be on trend...

    From£27.35 each

  28. The Square Stereo Set - Silver ZP1790054

    Square Set Speaker Front
    The Square Stereo Set - silver are micro in size but large in sound! This elegant metal...

    From£27.46 each

Bluetooth speakers combine both the innovation and technology to impress your target audience. They can be successfully used to further improve brand recognition, boost employee morale and support existing advertising campaigns. No matter your need, these wireless promotional audio gifts are a smart choice for any business. Combining practicality and novelty design, our promotional speakers promise to impress. 

Our collection of wireless speakers come in a range of different styles. Each one offers a host of benefits, including impressive sound capabilities and a portable design. We can personalise your chosen design with a branded message of your choice printed on to the body. Not only does this help to get your name out to potential customers, but it also helps to improve brand awareness and solidifies your company's brand positioning. Each wireless device is suitable for mobile use and comes in a mini size; ideal for travelling. We also have options with mic functions for two-way conversions. 

While you're here, consider planning for next season's conference too. Our range of promotional insulated bottles keep drinks toasty warm while promoting your business on the side. They can be printed with your unique message and promise to be well used by every recipient. 

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