Promotional Bookmarks

  1. Square Corner Card Bookmarks ZP2490006

    Square Edged Card Bookmarks
    Square Corner Card Bookmarks made from laminated card, full colour printed to one side, with...

    From£0.12 each

  2. Round Corner Card Bookmarks ZP2490007

    Round Edged Card Bookmarks
    Round Corner Card Bookmarks made from laminated card, full colour printed to one side, with...

    From£0.13 each

  3. Small Shaped Magnetic Bookmarks ZP2484004

    Small Shaped Magnetic Bookmarks cut to any shape and printed full colour. For help or advice...

    From£0.19 each

  4. Large Shaped Magnetic Bookmarks ZP2484005

    Large Shaped Magnetic Bookmarks cut to any shape and printed full colour. For help or advice...

    From£0.22 each

  5. Mini Magnetic Bookmarks ZP2484003

    Mini Magnetic Bookmarks
    Mini Magnetic Bookmarks which folds over and is held closed by 2 small magnets. Overall open...

    From£0.23 each

  6. Mini Markers Magnetic Bookmarkers ZP2484006

    Mini Marker Magnetic Bookmarks full view
    Mini Markers Magnetic Bookmarkers where the top 3rd folds over and is held closed by 2 small...

    From£0.23 each

  7. Magnetic Bookmarks Small Full Colour ZP2484001

    Magnetic Bookmarks Small Full Colour are laminated for durability and can be printed up to full...

    From£0.27 each

  8. 2mm EVA Foam Embossed Bookmarks ZP2490004

    Foam Embossed Bookmarks
    2mm EVA Foam Embossed Bookmarks in a wide variety of colours available and can be laser cut to any...

    From£0.30 each

  9. Full Colour Bookmarks ZP2490005

    Full Colour Bookmarks
    Full Colour Bookmarks are strong and durable full colour printed with your logo, motivating...

    From£0.30 each

  10. Recycled Leather Bookmarks ZP2490003

    Recycled Leather Bookmarks
    Recycled Leather Bookmarks manufactured from recycled bonded leather available in 5 popular...

    From£0.33 each

  11. Magnetic Bookmarks Large Full Colour ZP2484002

    Magnetic Bookmarks Large Full Colour are laminated for durability and can be printed up to full...

    From£0.33 each

  12. Belluno PU Bookmarks ZP2490001

    ZP2490001-Belluno-Colours-Bookmarks jpg
    Belluno PU Bookmarks made to order in the UK finished in soft touch Belluno PU with a real leather...

    From£1.03 each

  13. Hampton Leather Bookmarks ZP2490002

    ZP2490002-Hampton-Leather-Bookmarks jpg
    Hampton Leather Bookmarks made to order in the UK finished in Hampton finecell leather which has a...

    From£1.38 each

Share your marketing message using bookmarks with logo and your company name custom imprinted on them!

Promotional bookmarks are one of the many business gifts that the general public loves to receive because they are exceptionally handy and useful. These promotional tools therefore make perfect gifts for not only readers but new and old customers, employees and business associates who are fond of receiving visually appealing gifts.

Likewise, in addition to handing them out at tradeshows, exhibitions and promotional giveaways, bookmarks can also be distributed to educational institutions, offices and libraries to garner a fresh target audience for your brand. Offering universal appeal as a marketing tool, they can help you reach out to a wider group of people, spreading your brand message all over the world.

By using these articles to get the most exposure for your business, your consumers will be exposed to your promotional campaign for a much longer period of time.

To help businesses reach their target audience, our team at Zest Promotional offers high quality affordably priced branded bookmarks in different materials, cuts and styles. Among our wide assortment of printed bookmarks, we supply fine quality magnetic bookmarks to businesses everywhere.

Obtainable in big and small sizes, our assortment of branded magnetic bookmarks are affordably priced eye-catching marketing tools that stick firmly to a book’s pages. Additionally, some of them can also be used to keep track of sentences and lines by positioning them on the sides of a page. Small but highly useful, we offer a selection of diminutive sized magnetic bookmarks in all kinds of interesting shapes and cuts.

Similarly, our foldable magnetic bookmarks come with full colour printing on the front and back in addition to sporting a glossy finish. The dimensions that you will find our functional and foldable magnetic bookmarks are 50x50mm for the standard small size, along with a larger 100x50mm size.

Included in our array of promotional bookmarks we also quality bookmarks made from real leather and leatherette materials. Available in the choicest of shades including standard business colours, these bookmarks are not only sophisticated looking freebies but are long lasting and wear and tear resistant items as well.

Other features that these classy marketing options boast of includes a laminated finish that provides them with a twofold thickness; a soft backing design to protect the top of tables, and a solid finish to ensure that the bookmarks remain rigid and flat.

Before you hand out these logo gifts, you need to custom imprint them with original and eye-catching graphics, text and images. To do so, we have a team of knowledgeable and highly talented logo designers who work with all forms of branding methods (including process printing, full colour printing, screen printing, foil blocking and embossing) to give you a memorable bookmark design that will get you excellent results.

Get in touch with our branding experts today to plan the design, hues and text that will go with your brand image and market standing best to get you the perfect company gifts for your next promotional campaign!

If you want help and suggestions in picking out the right branded bookmarks, you can approach our ever helpful sales team anytime! Give us a call on 0800 024 8461 or send us an email at for more information about our varied promotional products and processes.

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