Promotional Calculators

  1. Transparent Pocket Size Calculators ZP1540021

    Transparent Pocket Size Branded Calculator
    Transparent Pocket Size Calculators are a standard function calculator with a 8 digit display....

    From£1.33 each

  2. Mensor Calculator Rulers ZP1050015

    Mensor Calculator Ruler Main
    Mensor Calculator Rulers are a funky 10cm ruler with a 8 digit dual powered calculator....

    From£1.53 each

  3. Magic Calculators ZP1540002

    Magic Calculator Main
    Magic Calculators are a solid 8 digit calculator with black trim. Raised buttons for...

    From£1.61 each

  4. Silver Plastic Calculators ZP1540023

    Silver Plastic Branded Calculator
    Silver Plastic Calculators are a great value calculator. 8 digit display. Supplied...

    From£1.72 each

  5. Splitz Flexible Calculators ZP1540003

    Splitz Flexible Calculator Main
    Splitz Flexible Calculators are a flexible 8 digit calculator with white trim to the display....

    From£2.01 each

  6. Culca Calculators ZP1540006

    Culca Branded Calculator Front
    Culca Calculators are a 8 digit dual powered calculator. With aluminium front cover....

    From£2.02 each

  7. 20cm Calculator Rulers ZP1050016

    20cm Calculator Ruler Main
    20cm Calculator Rulers contain 8 digit LCD display calculator. The calculator is solar...

    From£2.06 each

  8. 20cm Ruler Calculators ZP1050038

    20cm Ruler Calculators Main
    20cm Ruler Calculators are a dual purpose ruler and calculators. The ruler has a...

    From£2.19 each

  9. Result Handy Calculators ZP1540015

    Result Handy Branded Calculator
    Result Handy Calculators are a 8 digit calculator with standard functionality. Available...

    From£2.20 each

  10. Clearal 8 Digit Calculators ZP1540010

    clearal Branded Calculator
    Clearal 8 Digit Calculators have a transparent shell. Touch screen calculator....

    From£2.37 each

  11. Mobile Phone Shaped Ten Digit Calculators ZP1540007

    Mobile Phone Shaped Branded Calculators
    Mobile Phone Shaped Ten Digit Calculators with silver coloured rim. Smart Phone styled...

    From£2.65 each

  12. Nebet Desk Calculators ZP1540013

    Nebet Branded Calculators
    Nebet Desk Calculators are a 8 digit desk top calculator. Angled designed for ease of...

    From£2.84 each

  13. Roll Up Calculators ZP1540012

    Roll Up Branded Calculators
    Roll Up Calculators are a 8 digit dual powered calculator. Flexible calculator with...

    From£3.03 each

  14. Face-it Desk Calculators ZP1540004

    Face-it Promotional Calculator Main
    Face-it Desk Calculators are a solar powered calculator in silver effect plastic. Raised...

    From£3.26 each

  15. Midas Portfolio Calculators ZP1540014

    Midas Portfolio Branded Calculators
    Midas Portfolio Calculators are a 8 digit calculator in a PU folder. Folder is supplied...

    From£3.36 each

  16. Multi Function Calculators ZP1540022

    Multi Function Branded Calculator Lower
    Multi Function Calculators are a plastic calculator with a 8 digit display. With...

    From£3.53 each

  17. Dual Powered Desk Calculators ZP1540024

    Dual Powered Desk Branded Calculator
    Dual Powered Desk Calculators are a eight digit desk calculator. 8 digit display....

    From£3.76 each

  18. Vision Calculators ZP1540019

    Vision Branded Calculator
    Vision Calculators are a uniquely designed calculator with a full colour design to the clear...

    From£3.87 each

  19. Ozone Water Powered Calculators ZP1540018

    Ozone Water Powered Branded Calculator
    Ozone Water Powered Calculators are a standard 8 digit desk calculator. Powered with just...

    From£4.05 each

  20. Basics 12 Digit Calculators ZP1540008

    basics 12 digit Branded Calculator
    Basics 12 Digit Calculators are a dual powered calculator. Large 12 digit number display...

    From£4.69 each

  21. MYD Calculators ZP1540016

    MYD Branded Calculators
    MYD Calculators are a 8 digit desk calculator. Matching Colour trim to the calculator and...

    From£5.18 each

  22. Water Powered Calculators ZP1540017

    Water Powered Branded Calculator
    Water Powered Calculators are a standard 8 digit desk calculator. Powered with just...

    From£5.41 each

  23. Pascal Large Desk Calculators ZP1540020

    Pascal Large Branded Calculator
    Pascal Large Desk Calculators are a standard function calculator with a 10 digit display....

    From£5.74 each

  24. Eugene Bamboo Calculators ZP1540005

    Eugene Bamboo Branded Calculator Angled
    Eugene Bamboo Calculators are a 8 digit solar powered calculator. Calculator frame and...

    From£8.21 each

Promotional Calculators branded with your logo for the prefect corporate giveaway.

Are you looking for the prefect promotional gift then a branded calculator could be the prefect product for you. A good quality promotional calculator will add value to your promotion as they will constantly be in use and will be visible on the users desk every day for years and years.

We have a range of different power supply options including:

  • Battery
  • Solar
  • Water
  • Dual powered

‚ÄčOur promotional calculators come in all different shapes and sizes from the Transparent Pocket Size Calculators to the Pascal Large Desk Calculators with many more options available.

Looking for a branded calculator that offers something different then why not take a look at Vision Calculators which can be fully branded with your corporate brand, message or even with a full colour photograph.

Calculators are used everywhere. In the office, at home or at school there's always a demand for a calculator to be close by.  Promotional calculators will alway be a useful product. We can supply you with a calculators printed with your name, logo or unique design. Our range offers a calculator for all budgets.

Why not combine your branded calculator with some additional desktop products, we can offer a wide range of branded desk and office supplies. Please feel free to contact our friendly sales team anytime to any ideas and advice or to place orders for your promotional gifts. They can also help you get in touch with our expert designers to get your company logos, brand messages, brand name, etc. designed in a professional manner for greater brand visibility while maintaining your company’s goodwill and brand reputation. Give us a call at 0800 024 8461 or write us at

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