Case Study: Dumpton School

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Initial Request/ Outline

Dumpton School is a private school in the UK that provides education to children from nursery through to high school. They were looking for a graduation gift for their high school students that was within a budget of £20. The client requested a premium ring binder with the school logo on the front, school name on the spine, and web address on the back. The school wanted a professional and high-quality product that would be cherished by the students for years to come. 

Artwork and Queries Raised

After receiving the initial request, our design team got to work on creating artwork for the ring binder. We chose a folder cover that matched the school’s brand colours and did a foil block for the branding. However, during the artwork approval process, we realised that the initial design would have taken the cost over budget. We therefore suggested to the client that we approach a UK supplier to produce a made-to-order ring binder that could meet the client’s requirements and stay within the budget. The client agreed, and we moved forward with the new plan

Dumpton Dimploma Ring Binder Mockup
Dumpton Dimploma Ring Binder Mockup 1

Finished Product

After sourcing a new supplier, we were able to produce the ring binders to the client’s specifications. The ring binder was made with high-quality materials and included the school logo on the front, school name on the spine, and web address on the back. The final product was an elegant and functional graduation gift that met the client’s expectations and stayed within the budget.

The client was very pleased with the finished product and the level of service provided by our team. They appreciated the time we put into finding a new supplier that could meet their requirements and stay within their budget. The school secretary, Naomi Miller, sent us the following feedback: “The folders arrived today and I wanted to thank you so much! They are lovely, we are very pleased with them! Thank you for the time you put into making it happen.” The client was happy with the professionalism and high-quality product that we provided and would consider using our services again in the future. 

In conclusion, we were able to provide a high-quality and professional ring binder that met the client’s requirements and stayed within their budget. Our team’s attention to detail and dedication to finding a solution that worked for the client ensured that the end product was one that both the school and the students would be proud of.  

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