Promotional Christmas Gifts

  1. A5 Soft Feel Notebooks ZP1275012

    Luxury A5 Note Book
    Soft Feel Notebooks approximately A5 sized available in 11 popular colours. Branding methods...

    From£2.11 each

  2. Triangular Highlighters ZP0240008

    Triangular Highlighters featuring three highlighters in one with a generous print area to both...

    From£0.32 each

  3. Christmas Baubles with Chocolates ZP8880035

    Christmas Bauble
    A star shaped chocolate inside a bauble box. With a silver or gold string. Flavours...

    From£0.56 Each

  4. Wood Christmas Decorations ZP8880009

    wood christmas decoration 1
    Wood Christmas Decorations are tree decorartions with red ribbon hanger. Star or Tree...

    From£0.64 Each

  5. Santa Hats ZP8880001

    Bring Christmas cheer into the office or workplace with these seasonal Santa Hats. Felt...

    From£0.64 Each

  6. Saspi Christmas Stocking ZP8880024

    Christmas Stocking
    Large Christmas Stocking made from Polyester. Dimensions 200 x 320 mm. Red hanging loop. Price...

    From£0.77 Each

  7. Bossa Small Gift Bags ZP8880018

    bossa small bag 1
    Bossa Small Gift Bags are elegant gift paper bag with snowflakes pattern. Gift tag...

    From£0.82 Each

  8. Chocolate Santas or Reindeers ZP8880034

    Chocolate Santa or Reindeer
    Chocolate Christmas Santas or Reindeers supplied in a clear bag. Single Chocolate shaped...

    From£0.87 Each

  9. Deby Round Snowflake Handwarmers ZP8880026

    Snowflake Handwarmer
    Round handwarmer with snowflake print. Diameter 80mm. Keeps your hands warm whilst enjoying the...

    From£0.96 Each

  10. Brussel Sprout Gift Nets ZP8880030

    Brussel-Sprouts net
    Brussel Sprout Gift Bags are 25g or 50g net of milk chocolate balls. The Chocolates are...

    From£0.99 Each

  11. Nativ Christmas Shopping Bags ZP8880025

    Christmas Shopper
    Christmas snowflake design satin finish non-woven shopping bag. Dimensions 360 x 400 mm. Long...

    From£1.02 Each

  12. 10g Lindt Santas ZP8880027

    10g Lindt Santa
    A Lindt Santa Claus presented in a digitally printed white cardboard display. The Lindt...

    From£1.03 Each

  13. Ruldolph Headbands ZP8880021

    These Felt Headbands with Rudolf antlers will certainly draw attention. Fun headgear for the...

    From£1.04 Each

  14. Penny Snowman Anti Stress Toys ZP8880017

    penny snowman Stress toy1
    Penny Snowman Anti Stress Toys are made from PU material. Happy Snowman design. Let...

    From£1.06 Each

  15. Bossa Medium Gift Bags ZP8880019

    bossa medium bag 1
    Bossa Medium Gift Bags are elegant gift paper bag with snowflakes pattern. Gift tag...

    From£1.06 Each

  16. Slate Christmas Decorations ZP8880008

    slate Christmas Decoration Main
    Slate Christmas Decorations are tree decorartions with cord hanger. Presented in a see...

    From£1.13 Each

  17. Bossa Large Gift Bags ZP8880020

    bossa large bag 1
    Bossa Large Gift Bags are elegant gift paper bag with snowflakes pattern. Gift tag...

    From£1.19 Each

  18. Bleck Santa Stress Toys ZP8880023

    Santa Stress ball
    Santa Style Anti Stress Balls. A great Christmas gift. Price includes 1 Colour print to the Stress...

    From£1.32 Each

  19. Selight Frangranced Candles ZP8880002

    selight Main
    Selight Frangranced Candles are small candles in coloured glass. Prefect Christmas Gift....

    From£1.54 Each

  20. Blanca Christmas Baubles ZP8880011

    blanca Chrsitmas Bauble 1
    Blanca Christmas Baubles are christmas balls in pearl finish with ribbon hanger. Merry...

    From£1.56 Each

  21. Christmas Presentation Baubles ZP8880010

    Christmas Presentation Bauble 1
    Christmas Presentation Baubles are christmas balls in pearl finish with ribbon hanger....

    From£1.56 Each

  22. Shinny Star Candles ZP8880005

    shinny star Main
    Shinny Star Candles are glass candle holders with glitter covered star shape. Presented...

    From£1.58 Each

  23. Kunax Christmas Chair Covers ZP8880022

    Chair Covers
    Santa style chair covers are made from polyester. Add a special Christmas touch to your...

    From£1.75 Each

  24. Flakies Christmas Baubles ZP8880012

    flakies Christmas Bauble 1
    Flakies Christmas Baubles are christmas balls in pearl finish with ribbon hanger....

    From£1.83 Each

  25. Rectangular Sapporo Metal Keyrings ZP2311006

    The Rectangular Sapporo Metal Keyrings are excellent value in a stylish combination of satin and...

    From£1.87 each

  26. Bolihat Christmas Baubles ZP8880014

    Bolihat Christmas Bauble Main
    Bolihat Christmas Baubles with felt Santa hat and ribbon hanger. Diameter 6cm....

    From£2.06 Each

  27. 40g Lindt Santas ZP8880028

    40g Lindt Santa
    A Lindt Santa Claus presented in a digitally printed white cardboard display. The Lindt...

    From£2.34 Each

  28. Chocolate Christmas Stars ZP8880032

    Chocolate Christmas Star
    Chocolate Christmas Stars are chocolate Christmas star wrapped in a cellophane bag. Tied...

    From£2.38 Each

  29. Chocolate Christmas Trees ZP8880033

    Chocolate Christmas Tree
    Chocolate Christmas Trees are chocolate Christmas tree wrapped in a cellophane bag. Tied...

    From£2.56 Each

  30. Chocolate Baubles ZP8880031

    Chocolate Bauble
    Chocolate Baubles are Belgian milk chocolate bauble packed in a transparent blister....

    From£2.57 Each

  31. Brussel Sprout Gift Bags ZP8880029

    Brussel Sprout Gift Bag
    Brussel Sprout Gift Bags are 90g bags filled with milk chocolate balls. The Chocolates...

    From£2.76 Each

  32. Laponia Christmas Decorations ZP8880007

    laponia Christmas Decorations
    Laponia Christmas Decorations are a set of 12 wooden Christmas tree decorations....

    From£2.79 Each

  33. Squary Christmas Bauble Sets ZP8880013

    squary Christmas Bauble 1
    Squary Christmas Bauble Sets are 4 christmas balls in pearl finish with ribbon hanger. 4...

    From£3.24 Each

  34. Wood Tree Christmas Decorations ZP8880006

    wood tree main
    Wood Tree Christmas Decorations with 12 assorted tree hanger decorations. Tree and...

    From£3.78 Each

  35. Truffles Christmas Crackers ZP8880036

    Christmas Cracker
    Truffles Christmas Crackers containing 4 assorted truffles. Red Ribbon ties around the...

    From£4.93 Each

  36. Fibrestorm Value Golf Umbrellas ZP2650032

    Fibrestorm Value Umbrella Main
    Fibrestorm Value Golf Umbrellas are strong and lightweight low cost fibreglass golf size...

    From£7.07 each

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Zest Promotional with our range of Branded Christmas Gifts.

Christmas is the time for giving and what better gift to give to your employee's or customers than Promotional Christmas Gifts branded with your company logo.

It's traditional to reward loyal Staff and Customers at christmas with a gift to say thankyou for their commitment during the year.  A branded Christmas gift will say thank you whilst promoting your company brand far into 2019.

At Zest Promotional we offer a wide range of Promotional Christmas Products Including - 

  • Branded Christmas Hats and Promotional Headbands.
  • Christmas Gift Bags.
  • Branded Baubles and Christmas Decorations.
  • Scented Candles and Christmas Decorations.

We also offer a wide range of other products that make suitable Christmas gifts that will last for the year ahead including - 

  • Notebooks.
  • Pens.
  • Drinking Bottles.
  • Torches.
  • Umbrellas.

We have thousands of products and ideas to make the prefect Christmas gift, give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs - Tel - 0800 024 8461

Take a look at Christmas Santa Hats branded with your company logo can really bring that festive cheer to the office or christmas party from 64p per hat. A pair of Rudolph Antlers will also bring that sense of Christmas fun from around £1.04

May'be you want to create your own bespoke Christmas gift bags and include a range of products.  We can provided the Bossa gift bags in small, medium and large and help you to build a tailored Christmas Gift Bag by suggested a range of products to fill the bags, drop us a line at and we would be happy to advise a range of products to suit your company and budget.

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