Collapsible Cups

  1. Stojo Collapsible Cups ZP0400064

    Stojo Collapsible Cup Branded
    Introducing Stojo the collapsible coffee cup - another incredible product for the promotional...

    From£6.79 each

  2. 350ml Collapsible Coffee Cups ZP0400075

    The 350ml Collapsible Coffee Cups are the newest collapsible coffee cup prefectly portable for...

    From£4.22 each

  3. Stojo 12oz Brooklyn Collection ZP0400073

    12oz Brooklyn
    The classic 12oz Stojo pocket cup quickly collapses into a leak proof disk. It includes a...

    From£7.59 Each

  4. Stojo 16oz Brooklyn Collection ZP0400074

    The 16oz biggie is available in 2 new colours. A larger version of the original Stojo Collapsible...

    From£10.90 Each

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