Promotional Computer Mice

Get right in front of potential customers with our range of promotional computer mice. Perfect for boosting brand awareness, these handy PC accessories can be individually personalised with your chosen message. Browse through printed Bluetooth computer mice suitable for laptops and tablets and find the perfect one to help promote your business, one of the promotional PC accessories we offer as branded gifts for your employees or target customers.

  1. Yoiko Mini Mouse ZP1220015

    Yoiko Mini Mouse Main
    Yoiko Mini Mouse is a USB mouse with extending cable. Optical mouse. Available in 4 colours. For...


  2. Keita Mouse ZP1220014

    Keita Computer Mice Main
    Keita Mouse is a optical mouse with wire. Ergonomically designed mouse. Available in 3 colours....


  3. Optica Wireless Optical Mouse ZP1220011

    Optica Computer Mouse Main
    Optica Wireless Optical Mouse are an ergonomic designed optical mouse. Unique shape...

    From£5.93 Each

  4. RF Bean Wireless Computer Mouse ZP1220017

    RF Bean Mouse
    RF Bean Wireless Computer Mouse is available in a variety of colours and offers a large branding...

    From£6.18 Each

  5. Curvy Wireless Optical Mouse ZP1220016

    Curvy Mouse White Branded
    Curvy Wireless Optical Mouse in shiny ABS. Bright optical mouse with USB receiver for wireless RF...

    From£6.45 Each

  6. Porsche Car Shaped Wireless Optical Mouse ZP1220023

    Porsche Car Mouse Red Branded
    Definitely our coolest mouse. This rally inspired design looks superb on any desk in metallic...

    From£6.99 Each

  7. Racing Car Mouse With Working Lights ZP1220022

    Racing Car Mouse Gold
    Feel like 007 with this beautifully styled high performance mouse. With an integral super...

    From£8.23 Each

  8. Bubble Mouse ZP1220020

    Bubble Mouse Branded
    Bubble Mouse is a beautiful yet simple curved mouse has been ergonomically designed to fit...

    From£8.98 Each

  9. Wafer Wireless Mouse ZP1220021

    Wafer Wireless Mouse has a simple yet beautiful slim-line design. It can feature a Full...

    From£8.98 Each

  10. Xoopar Pokket Mouse ZP1220001

    ZP1220001-Xoopar-PokketMouse  jpg
    Xoopar PokketMouse is a luxury slim optical mouse with LED's that lights up your logo with a...

    From£9.19 Each

  11. UNFOLD Foldable Wireless Mouse ZP1220012

    unfold Computer Mice Main
    UNFOLD Foldable Wireless Mouse is uniquely designed stylish mouse. Compact design is...

    From£9.26 Each

  12. Xoopar GeoMouse ZP1220010

    Geomouse Computer Mice Main
    Xoopar GeoMouse are an exclusive wireless optical mouse with LED logo branding. Unique shape...

    From£12.53 Each

  13. Xoopar Wireless Pokket Mouse ZP1220005

    ZP1220005-Xoopar-Wireless-PokketMouse jpg
    Xoopar Wireless Pokket Mouse is a smart revolutionary wireless mouse, with built-in rechargeable...

    From£13.06 Each

  14. Wireless Pokket Mouse Deluxe ZP1220009

    Pokket Mouse Deluxe Main
    Wireless Pokket Mouse Deluxe are softtouch and sophisticated version of the Pokket Wireless Mouse....

    From£13.99 Each

Be there as they click away with our promotional computer mice. The ideal way of getting in front of employees and potential customers as they work, these branded products are a popular option. They offer a practical and effective solution for brand awareness while sitting alongside your existing marketing efforts. From conferences to industry fairs, personalised computer mice are the way forward.

In our online store, we have a selection of printed computer mouse options to suit your needs. From mini mice with retractable wires for laptop use through to wireless options for hot desking or car shaped styles, each computer mouse comes professionally boxed. They are compatible with laptop, desktop and tablet use; ideal for the modern customer and their ever-demanding needs. And, by having your company message printed on, these personalised mice become a vital part of your company's advertising campaign. 

If you're putting together conference goodie bags, our promotional desk mats are the ideal accompaniment. When used with these computer mice, they further solidify your brand message. And, with our help, you can match the style of both promotional PC accessories to offer a comprehensive, branded gift for your employees or target customers. 

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