Branded Earphones and Earbuds at Zest - Promote It !

When it comes to popular promotion items, branded earphones are a winning choice. In today's modern world, plugging in and zoning out is an essential pastime for many. So, when it comes to promoting your business, personalised earbuds are the way forward. Browse our collection of promotional audio gifts in our online store today. 

  1. Cocoon EarPhones with MIC ZP1730032

    Cacoon Main
    Cocoon Earphones with MIC are Android & iOS Software Integration 3.5 Jack. 6u...

    From£2.62 Each

  2. Value Promotional Earphones ZP0029000

    Value Promotional Earphones are a best selling item in our range available in 5 popular colours...

    From£0.77 each

  3. Curved Earphones ZP1730018

    Curved Earphones
    Each earbud can be printed upto full colour on these stylish curved value earphones....

    From£0.79 each

  4. Rebel Earbuds ZP1730011

    Rebel Earbuds are supplied in a triangular case which can be printed from one colour up to full...

    From£0.96 each

  5. Hanson Earphones in a Plastic Case ZP1730022

    Earphones in Matching case main
    Hanson Earphones in a matching coloured round plastic case. Available in 7 colours. Upto 4 colours...

    From£1.00 each

  6. Strix Earbuds with a Light-up Case ZP1730025

    Strix Earbuds Green
    Strix Earbuds with a Light-up Case has a clip on blinking light case that prevents the earbud...

    From£1.33 each

  7. Premium Promotional Earphones ZP0029007

    These Premium Promotional Earphones are high quality and well priced with a large branding area on...

    From£1.39 each

  8. Retractable Earphones ZP1730021

    SONDI Retractable Earbuds White
    Retractable earphones in PVC housing. Simply push the button to rewind and securely store your...

    From£1.55 each

  9. Ivy Retractable Earphones ZP1730020

    IVY Earbuds Main
    Ivy Retractable Earphones with a 1 metre cord Available in 7 colours. Avialable in a single colour...

    From£1.60 each

  10. Star Earbuds in Pouch ZP1730029

    Star Earbuds Main
    Star Earbuds in Pouch are lightweight earbuds that can be stored or carried in the matching...

    From£1.72 each

  11. Sonosoft Earphones in Round Silicone Case ZP1730007

    Sonosoft Earphones in Round PVC Case are housed in a Round Silicone case and are available in 4...

    From£1.88 each

  12. Epoxy Decal Earphones ZP1730019

    Epoxy Decal Earphones
    Ideally suited to full colour branding these Epoxy Decal Earphones have an epoxy domed decal to...

    From£1.92 each

  13. Logo Domed Earphones ZP1730008

    Logo Domed Earphones are fun and funky earphones with the external area of the earphones domed...

    From£2.13 each

  14. Command Music Control Earbuds ZP1730028

    Command MC Main
    The Command Music Control Earbuds include a built-in cable microphone and volume controller that...

    From£2.43 each

  15. Sound Off Earbuds & Splitter ZP1730023

    Sounds off main
    Sound Off Earbuds & Splitter with case is the perfect travel accessory! This kit includes two sets...

    From£2.65 each

  16. Sargas Earbuds with Microphone ZP1730026

    Sargas with Mic White
    Sargas Earbuds with microphone is a deluxe earbud set includes a built-in cable microphone that...

    From£2.87 each

  17. Budget Bluetooth® Earbuds in Carabiner Case ZP1730031

    Budget bluetooth Earbuds White
    Budget Bluetooth® Earbuds in Carabiner Case are a lightweight Bluetooth® earbuds with an internal...

    From£5.57 each

  18. Braided Earbuds ZP1730024

    Braided Earbuds Main
    The Braided Earbud feature a braided cable which gives them a trendy look. The fabric cable is...

    From£5.85 each

  19. TrueWireless Bluetooth® Earbud with Microphone ZP1730035

    TrueWireless Earbuds Branded
    This simple True Wireless Earbud is capable of answering calls and listening to your favourite...

    From£5.97 each

  20. 4.2 Bluetooth Earphones with Built in Microphone ZP1730036

    4 2 Bluetooth with mic Branded
    4.2 Bluetooth earphones in ABS with built in microphone. Rechargeable Li-ion 55 mAh battery....

    From£6.16 each

  21. Fusion Earbuds in Case ZP1730014

    Fusion Earbuds in Case feature a flat cabled ear bud with cable control which answers and ends...

    From£6.31 each

  22. PromoBuds Metal Earphones ZP1730004

    PromoBuds Metal Earphones are quality metal arbuds with good bass and sound quality, with 4 colour...

    From£6.45 each

  23. Executive Metal Earphones ZP1730005

    Executive Metal Earphones offer superior sound with a solid look, packed in a metal tin box for...

    From£6.52 each

  24. TrueSound Earbuds ZP1730033

    True Sound Earbuds Main
    TrueSound Earbuds make your brand a true trendsetter with these top of the range wireless ear buds...

    From£41.45 Each

In a time where escaping into another world has become our norm, promotional earphones provide a brilliant gateway for brand promotion. These essential accessories can always be found, slipped into ears and playing out our favourite songs, podcasts and audio books. And, with their eye-height positioning, they are the perfect place to display your brand logo, name or signature colours. 

Branded Earbuds are the prefect product to complement other promotional products like branded plastic pens to create a unique gift pack.

Our extensive collection of promotional audio gifts offers you the freedom to expand your brand awareness with ease. We include a selection of different coloured earbuds to suit your needs, alongside a range of different promotional printing options. Whether you're looking for wireless earphones to suit the most tech-savvy of clients or Bluetooth audio gifts that connect with the click of a button, we've got you covered. Promotional gifts for music lovers are always exceedingly popular. They allow us to enjoy our favourite pastime while optimising on brand exposure chances. And, they're guaranteed to be used again and again. 

Our personalised earphones come printed with your choice of message or logo. We have an extensive range of branded options including those manufactured by leading brand, Xooper. Not only will these provide long-standing service, but this iconic and recognisable name also strengthens your own brand presence. Shop our range of branded audio gifts and find the perfect earphones with your logo today.


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