Promotional Earphones & Earbuds

  1. Curved Value Earphones ZP1730018

    Curved Earphones
    Each earbud can be printed upto full colour on these stylish curved value earphones....

    From£1.42 each

  2. Epoxy Decal Earphones ZP1730019

    Epoxy Decal Earphones
    Ideally suited to full colour branding these Epoxy Decal Earphones have an epoxy domed decal to...

    From£2.80 each

  3. Cocoon EarPhones with MIC ZP1730032

    Cacoon Main
    Cocoon Earphones with MIC are Android & iOS Software Integration 3.5 Jack. 6u...

    From£2.80 Each

  4. Value Promotional Earphones ZP0029000

    Value Promotional Earphones are a best selling item in our range available in 5 popular colours...

    From£0.78 each

  5. Earphones in Case With Lid ZP1730009

    Earphones In Case With Lid offers a great storage case with flip top lid and a large branding...

    From£1.09 each

  6. Hanson Earphones in a Plastic Case ZP1730022

    Earphones in Matching case main
    Hanson Earphones in a matching coloured round plastic case. Available in 7 colours. Upto 4 colours...

    From£1.10 each

  7. Rebel Earbuds ZP1730011

    Rebel Earbuds are supplied in a triangular case which can be printed from one colour up to full...

    From£1.23 each

  8. Dime Earbuds ZP1730027

    Dime Earbuds Main
    Dime Earbuds with retractable cord can be used with any standard audio device. Comes with a 3.5mm...

    From£1.76 each

  9. Star Earbuds in Pouch ZP1730029

    Star Earbuds Main
    Star Earbuds in Pouch are lightweight earbuds that can be stored or carried in the matching...

    From£1.78 each

  10. Ivy Retractable Earphones ZP1730020

    IVY Earbuds Main
    Ivy Retractable Earphones with a 1 metre cord Available in 7 colours. Avialable in a single colour...

    From£1.83 each

  11. Retractable Earphones ZP1730021

    SONDI Retractable Earbuds White
    Retractable earphones in PVC housing. Simply push the button to rewind and securely store your...

    From£1.83 each

  12. Premium Promotional Earphones ZP0029007

    These Premium Promotional Earphones are high quality and well priced with a large branding area on...

    From£1.92 each

  13. Logo Domed Earphones ZP1730008

    Logo Domed Earphones are fun and funky earphones with the external area of the earphones domed...

    From£2.08 each

  14. Strix Earbuds with a Light-up Case ZP1730025

    Strix Earbuds Green
    Strix Earbuds with a Light-up Case has a clip on blinking light case that prevents the earbud...

    From£2.11 each

  15. Sonosoft Earphones in Round PVC Case ZP1730007

    Sonosoft Earphones in Round PVC Case are housed in a round silicone ABS case and are available in...

    From£2.19 each

  16. Sargas Earbuds with Microphone ZP1730026

    Sargas with Mic White
    Sargas Earbuds with microphone is a deluxe earbud set includes a built-in cable microphone that...

    From£2.96 each

  17. Command Music Control Earbuds ZP1730028

    Command MC Main
    The Command Music Control Earbuds include a built-in cable microphone and volume controller that...

    From£3.13 each

  18. Sound Off Earbuds & Splitter ZP1730023

    Sounds off main
    Sound Off Earbuds & Splitter with case is the perfect travel accessory! This kit includes two sets...

    From£4.22 each

  19. PromoBuds Metal Earphones ZP1730004

    PromoBuds Metal Earphones are quality metal arbuds with good bass and sound quality, with 4 colour...

    From£4.51 each

  20. Executive Metal Earphones ZP1730005

    Executive Metal Earphones offer superior sound with a solid look, packed in a metal tin box for...

    From£4.51 each

  21. Braided Earbuds ZP1730024

    Braided Earbuds Main
    The Braided Earbud feature a braided cable which gives them a trendy look. The fabric cable is...

    From£6.02 each

  22. Budget Bluetooth® Earbuds in Carabiner Case ZP1730031

    Budget bluetooth Earbuds White
    Budget Bluetooth® Earbuds in Carabiner Case are a lightweight Bluetooth® earbuds with an internal...

    From£7.36 each

  23. Fusion Earbuds in Case ZP1730014

    Fusion Earbuds in Case feature a flat cabled ear bud with cable control which answers and ends...

    From£8.37 each

  24. TrueSound Earbuds ZP1730033

    True Sound Earbuds Main
    TrueSound Earbuds make your brand a true trendsetter with these top of the range wireless ear buds...

    From£43.11 Each

Promotional earphones are the best promotional gifts for lifelong marketing campaigns!

Many people prefer ear buds to traditional headphones because they are small and inexpensive. Since they are more successful in sealing off the ear canal to a certain extent, it becomes hard to detect external noise or interference while wearing such type of sound listening devices. For this reason, many people prefer them instead of bulkier versions of headphones; they prefer to use smaller ear buds for everyday listening or even working out. Being extremely versatile and widely in demand, businesses of all shapes and size have therefore started putting their name and logo on promotional earphones.

We offer the widest selection of printed earphones here at Zest Promotional in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs to complement all kinds of business gifting needs. Included in our range are two of our best sellers: White Promotional Earphones and Promotional Earbud Earphones. These are top quality, well priced branded earphones with a large branding area on the case as well as the option of printing your name or logo on the earbud casing of the latter collection. Most importantly, these are excellent value for money promotional business gifts; while our promotional earphones are provided with a pair of earphones with two spare sets of buds, they are also available in other colours apart from standard white. At an added cost, you can choose shades like black, orange, red or blue.

Similarly, our coloured Earbud Earphones are the ideal fashion accessory and are available in a wide range of vibrant colour options. These earphones with your logo are super lightweight and are supplied in a handy storage box which can be branded with your contact details or company logo.

Besides supplying earphones with your logo made from plastic, we also offer metal ear buds at reasonable rates. To keep our clients up-to-date with the latest audio accessories, we have a new product available called PromoBuds Metal Earbuds. These are quality metal branded earbuds with good bass and sound quality. Offered with a 4-colour process branding area on each earbud, these phones come in myriad colour options. You can also add a class factor to your marketing campaign with our exclusive range of In-Ear Metal Headphones which offer amazing sound clarity with a solid look and come packed in a metal tin box, adding a touch of class and refinement to the look of your gift.

To make a positive impression among your high profile clients, our company offer a wide range of promotional earbuds from Philips. These compact, ultra-small in-ear earphones come with soft caps for comfort and a compact fit. Their perfect in-ear design ensures a complete block out of external noise while conforming to the ear’s shape for the best fit. Provided with a 1.2 m long cable, these printed earbuds are ideal for outdoor use! Boasting of small efficient speakers that reproduce clear sound and dynamic bass, Philips earphones possess some very user-friendly features. While one product range comes with 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for an optimal fit for all types of ears, another range comes with an integrated microphone and call button that enables users to take calls as well!

If you are on the lookout for high class but unique corporate gift ideas, Philips Earhook Headphone Earphones are simply the best in the field of audio technology! Designed for fitness enthusiasts, these earphones are made from waterproof materials and are treated with an anti bacterial agent to keep the device germ free. Since they have been crafted for active use they are washable and are sweat proof as well! Designed with customisable ear hooks, these ultra-soft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ear and come with a cable clip for added convenience.

To make sure that your brand name or promotional message is visible to large number of people and for a very long time, have our logo designers personalise these hi-tech corporate logo gifts in the finish and style of your choosing. Through the use of the latest custom imprinting techniques such as pad printing, screen printing, full colour printing and other options, our experienced and qualified branding experts will turn these earphones into unique corporate gift ideas with your artwork, logo or text carefully replicated and prominently displayed on the product as well as the box.

For any kind of help and advice on our earbuds with your logo, our sales team at Zest Promotional can help you with all kinds of information and logo design. You can reach us at or call us at 0800 024 8461 to place your orders.

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