Promotional Eco Friendly Bags

  1. Portobello Short Handled Eco Shopper ZP2240023

    Portobello Short Handled Eco Shopper is A Classic made from 4oz unbleached natural cotton. They...

    From£0.96 each

  2. Medium Recycled Paper Carrier Bags ZP2240005

    Medium Recycled Paper Carrier Bags with flat tape handles and 11cm gusset only available in brown....

    From£0.30 each

  3. Medium Sustainable Boutique Paper Carrier Bags ZP2240007

    Medium Sustainable Boutique Paper Carrier Bags with twisted paper cord handles and 13cm gusset....

    From£0.34 each

  4. Large Sustainable Boutique Paper Carrier Bags ZP2240006

    Large Sustainable Boutique Paper Carrier Bags with twisted paper cord handles and 13cm gusset....

    From£0.36 each

  5. A4 Kraft Paper Carrier Bags ZP2240003

    A4 Kraft Paper Carrier Bags with twisted cord handles and 10cm gusset made from 100% recycled...

    From£0.36 each

  6. Recycled Large Paper Carrier Bags ZP2240004

    Recycled Large Paper Carrier Bags with flat tape handles and 11cm gusset only available in brown....

    From£0.47 each

  7. Tiny Drawstring Pouch ZP2240017

    Tiny Drawstring Pouch 100% unbleached natural cotton drawstring pouch. 4oz Unbleached natural...

    From£0.70 each

  8. Medium Drawstring Pouch ZP2240016

    Medium Drawstring Pouch made from 4oz 100% unbleached natural cotton. Available in three different...

    From£0.76 each

  9. Greenwich Sandwich Bags Small ZP2240019

    Greenwich Sandwich Bags Small are a small 4oz unbleached cotton tote bag ideal for small gifts....

    From£0.80 each

  10. Large Drawsting Pouch ZP2240015

    Large Drawsting Pouch made from 4oz 100% unbleached natural cotton. Available in three different...

    From£0.91 each

  11. Brixton Coloured Shopper ZP2240011

    Brixton Coloured Shopper are a 4oz cotton shooper with long handles. Available in 5 popular...

    From£1.17 each

  12. Columbia Drawstring Backpacks ZP2240014

    Columbia Drawstring Backpacks made from 4oz unbleached cotton with drawstring rope handles. Useful...

    From£1.19 each

  13. Aldgate Recycled Grocery Shoppers ZP2240008

    Aldgate Recycled Grocery Shoppers with long handles and a 15cm gusset available in 3 popular...

    From£1.21 each

  14. Kensington Premium Shopper ZP2240020

    Kensington Premium Shopper made from a 6oz premium unbleached cotton with long handles. Branding...

    From£1.26 each

  15. Camden Market Shopper ZP2240012

    Camden Market Shopper made from 5oz cotton with 12cm gusset and long handles. Branding options...

    From£1.47 each

  16. Bayswater 10 Oz Canvas Shopper ZP2240010

    Bayswater 10 Oz Canvas Shopper with 50cm flat handles and a 14cm gusset at the bottom only....

    From£1.76 each

  17. Carnaby Street Denim Shoppers ZP2240001

    Carnaby Street Denim Shoppers with long handles 8oz in weight with orange stitching. Branding...

    From£1.90 each

  18. Wrexham Heavy Weight Shoppers ZP2240032

    Wrexham Heavy Weight 10oz Shoppers with webbing shoulder length handles and 12cm gusset to the...

    From£2.07 each

  19. Sherborne JUCO Bags for Life ZP2240002

    Sherborne JUCO Bags for Life with long soft handles made from flat cotton webbing. This bag has a...

    From£2.13 each

The benefits of using promotional eco-friendly bags as personalised business gifts!

Businesses make use of promotional gifts to attract potential customers and increase their business sales. These personalised business gifts are usually items that customers can use on a daily basis, so that when they use the products, it keeps the business or brand name fresh in their minds. Lately, businesses have started using ethically resourced recyclable products to create brand visibility as well as to highlight their concern and responsibility for the environment. By offering promotional eco-friendly bags as personalised corporate gifts, businesses are taking a step in the right direction to switch to the use of renewable resources and sustainable practices and are encouraging customers to make that switch with them at the same time by providing them with branded bags made from bio-degradable waste materials.

With the aim of improving your brand value and business sales, we offer a wide assortment of branded eco-friendly bags at reasonable rates. Browse through our different and diverse collection of recycled bags to choose the ones that fulfil your entire marketing requirements best and match your marketing budget. Our recycled bags are tough and long lasting carry solutions as these reusable bags are made from top quality biodegradable materials. We have recyclable and reusable bags on offer in different colours, sizes and shapes. The materials used for making these bags are wide ranging and include natural cotton, recycled paper, jute and canvas. Besides being used for carrying groceries, these bags can also be used as gift bags and shopping bags. In addition, many of our reusable bags crafted from organic matter are not treated with any bleaching chemicals to ensure the longevity of these multi-purpose products and give you lasting exposure for your business.

We offer the widest range of jute bags as promotional eco-friendly bags to help you spread your eco friendly business message in style! The Brighton Natural Jute Bag for Life is one of our bestsellers. These multi-purpose jute bags feature superior cotton carry handles and bio-degradable plastic lining on the inside. Possessing similar features, our Lewes Jute Bag for Life make great value for money business gifts. Another best-selling range is our Portobello range of eco friendly unbleached cotton shopping bags that are available in both long and short handle choices.

Our uniquely designed eco-friendly bags with logo and artwork done on them are equally suitable for distribution at various tradeshows, conferences, seminars and exhibitions. If you need breathability and are looking for pure cotton, our Oxford Budget Student Bags make noteworthy customer gifts. The design features that you will come across in these bags include Velcro fastening, a blue border and adjustable shoulder bands. We also have drawstring bags made from sustainable materials on offer at Zest Promotional. Designed for general use as backpacks or children’s gym bags, our Columbia Drawstring Backpacks are extremely useful promotional gifts. Available in three different sizes ranging from small to large, our drawstring pouches are perfect for gifting purposes.

We also specialise in printed recycled bags made from recycled paper. These sustainable carrier bags are offered in different types of paper handles - from flat to twisted - and gussets of various measurements. You can find them in all the conventional sizes including A4, medium and large in brown or white colour options. Some of our branded eco-friendly bags are offered in varied popular colour choices. The Brixton Coloured Shopper is one such example. Coloured using AZO free dyes, these 4oz cotton shopping bags are available in 5 vibrant colours- red, blue, yellow, purple and black!

To make these corporate promotional gifts appealing and likeable to your intended consumer base, we provide the widest range of customisation options (including woven labels and embroidery) to help you personalise these promotional corporate gifts with your logo and brand name. Our team of experienced and certified logo designers can reproduce your company logo and corporate information with great attention to detail for prominent display over the large branding area provided on these promotional bags. Customised with your promotional message, these highly personalised business gifts are ideal for promoting your goods and services!

Offering use on a daily basis while saving the environment, give away these environment-friendly promotional bags to all your customers, employees and business associates as part of your green marketing campaign!

For additional details about our eco-friendly bags with logo and the various branding options offered by us, get in touch with our sales team today! You can reach us at this number 0800 024 8461 or write to us at