Executive Gifts

  1. Multi Tool - Card Size ZP3015012

    Card Size Multi-Tool Main
    Our new Multi Tool is an extremely handy tool with 18 functions! The Multi Tool is Credit Card...

    From£0.80 Each

  2. COB Torches ZP3020024

    COB Torch Main
    COB Torches are super bright pocket sized COB torches. This COB torch is much brighter...

    From£1.89 Each

  3. COB Lights With Magnet and Bottle Opener ZP3020025

    COB Torches with Bottle Opener Main
    COB Lights With Magnet and Bottle Opener are 1W ultra-bright aluminium COB torch with bottle...

    From£3.83 Each

  4. Deluxe Bottle Openers ZP2060020

    Deluxe Bottle Opener Main
    Deluxe Bottle Openers are stunning quality nickel plated stylish heavyweight bottle opener....

    From£6.36 each

  5. Hadley Wine Stoppers ZP2060010

    Hadley Wine Stopper Main
    Hadley Wine Stoppers are a luxury feel heavyweight stylish product. Black rubberised...

    From£7.34 each

  6. Round Vanity Mirrors ZP2060008

    Round Vanity Mirror Main
    Round Vanity Mirrors are the perfect pocket/handbag size metal mirror measuring 57mm diameter in a...

    From£7.50 each

  7. Square Vanity Mirrors ZP2060009

    Square Vanity Mirror Main
    Square Vanity Mirrors are matt grained and shiny silver finish nickel plated metal....

    From£7.71 each

  8. Victorinox Swiss Card Classic ZP3015004

    Victorinox Swiss Card Classic is a 9 feature credit card sized tool kit including letter...

    From£13.29 each

  9. Maglite LED Solitaire Torch ZP3021005

    Maglite LED Solitaire Torch featuring powerful performance orientated LED technology for enhanced...

    From£14.52 each

  10. Victorinox Manager Swiss Army Knife ZP3000008

    Victorinox Manager 58mm length Swiss Army Knife with 10 features including blade, scissors, nail...

    From£16.52 each

  11. Palermo Sets ZP2060017

    Palermo Set Main
    Palermo Sets are a beautiful soft feel padded Black box with 3 luxury products....

    From£16.67 each

  12. World Puzzle Globes ZP2060026

    World Globe Puzzle Main
    World Puzzle Globes are high quality stainless steel desk top jigsaw puzzle. Excellent...

    From£20.18 each

  13. Sirius Gift Sets ZP2060016

    Sirius set Main
    Sirius Gift Sets are a beautiful soft feel padded blue box with 3 luxury metal products....

    From£22.77 each

  14. Mini Maglite LED AA Torch ZP3021007

    Mini Maglite LED AA Torch featuring powerful performance orientated LED technology for enhanced...

    From£23.03 each

  15. Victorinox Explorer Swiss Army Knife ZP3000016

    Victorinox Explorer is a 91mm length Swiss Army Knife with 16 features including large blade,...

    From£23.18 each

  16. Radiance Gift Sets ZP2060018

    Radiance Set Main
    Radiance Gift Sets contain 4 of luxury metal products to produce a fabulous executive lifestyle...

    From£32.18 each