Promotional Headphones

  1. Dino Airline Headphones ZP1725019

    Dino Airline Headphones with behind ear clips and a 3.5mm jack plug. Cable length 150cm, and...

    From£1.93 each

  2. On Ear Promotional Headphones ZP1725005

    On Ear Promotional Headphones are fun coloured budget promotional headphones with a prominent...

    From£4.03 each

  3. Tablis Over Ear Headphones ZP1725021

    Tablis Over Ear Headphones feature a folding headband with padded earcups which can be used on any...

    From£5.33 each

  4. Audiohead Headphones ZP1725018

    Audiohead Headphones with a comfortable round shape and sound insulation, available in black and...

    From£7.63 each

  5. The Classic Collection Headphones ZP1725020

    The Classic Collection Headphones offer good sound with smart looks and are guaranteed to help...

    From£11.88 each

  6. Bluetooth Colour Headphones ZP1725029

    Bluetooth Colour Headphones are amazing looking headphones available in great colour options with...

    From£17.21 each

  7. Chaos Headphones ZP1725022

    Chaos Headphones are lightweight headphones with flat noodle cable design and music controller,...

    From£18.97 each

Reward your clients with perfect sound experience by using our promotional headphones!

Promotional business gifts that people can use on a daily basis are bound to generate more traffic to your business than personalised business gifts that are only useful for display on mantles and shelves. One such business gift that companies regularly choose to brand their company logo and business name with, are good quality headphones that offer unmatched sound experience. At Zest Promotional, we specialise in providing a wide variety of branded headphones in pocket-friendly rates! To cater to different business promotional needs and finances, these headphones come in many different shapes, sizes, designs, styles and colours.

Made from top quality materials, these are hardy and tough products that are meant to provide you with maximum and long lasting advertising opportunity the moment they are put over your ears. Designed for use with any portable media player, tablet or smartphone, they come with adjustable headbands and comfortable padded ear cups that provide a secure and comfortable fit during long sessions. Offered with 3.5 mm plug and non-twisted cord cables of varying lengths, our range of headphones includes models with active noise cancellation and thorough sound insulation qualities.

Among the different and diverse selection of promotional headphones made available by us, our small and compact size ear fitting earphones are some of the top selling value for money promotional gifts. Apart from standard white ear buds, some of our small earphones are offered in several vibrant shades including black, orange, red, green and blue. Suitable for MP3 & MP4 players, they are supplied in plastic casing which can be customised with your contact details using spot colour or full colour printing.

We also supply printed headphones that come with a full colour paper insert in each earpiece in place of common branding methods. At the same time, your gift recipients can also replace the branding on these printed headphones by inserting their own photo into a built in frame. We also have customisable headphones designed to provide unique 3D rubberised branding touch to your marketing campaign. These personalised corporate gifts not only offer great sound but help to display your logo or marketing message in highly visible 3D rubberised prints covering almost the whole product! This attention grabbing imprinting method is sure to be a hit with your receivers and make your promotional gift stand out from the crowd!

To help you to win over your high-profile clients, our company also offers a wide selection of headphones with your logo from the globally recognised brand - Philips. While all Philips products offer clear and powerful sound reproduction, they also have innovative uses, making them not only practical but unique corporate gift ideas for all your clients. While some of them feature interchangeable cap covers, they are others that sport a built in microphone that allows users to switch between enjoying their music to answering phone calls. To offer more convenience in use as well as storage, some of them also come with carrying pouches to protect the headphones when not in use.

If you are looking to take your marketing drive to the next level, some of our headphones can also be fully personalised according to your business profile and requirements. The headband padding and earpiece padding in some of our offerings can be customised to your design and description, and each earpiece can be printed with your logo as well. Alternately, our retro style headphones are also known to offer high quality sound level with smart looks that are guaranteed to help promote your brand!

Many of our headphones with your logo on them are especially designed for in-flight entertainment purposes. While some possess features such as behind-ear clips and a 150cm cable length, others are made with a white ABS casing with a grey ear protecting foam and are presented in PVC travel pouches. At the same time, apart from the easy to carry foldable designs of many of our printed headphones, these headphones come in gift boxes or in attractive travel pouches as well.

Take the help of our team of customisation experts to customise these branded headphones with your corporate logo and company name. Through the use of advanced imprinting methods including pad printing and careen printing, our designers will ensure that your promotional message of business details are prominently displayed over the wide printing surface of these corporate logo gifts.

To learn more about our promotional headphones and the multiple branding options available, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional today! Call us at 0800 024 8461 or email us at now!

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