Promotional Ice Scrapers

  1. Snap Ice Scrapers & Tyre Tread Gauge ZP2720004

    Snap Ice Scrapers & Tyre Tread Gauge offer the practical multi use of scraping ice off car...

    From£0.25 each

  2. Triangular Plastic Ice Scrapers ZP2720002

    Triangular Plastic Ice Scrapers are the lowest cost promotional ice scraper on the market. If you...

    From£0.33 each

  3. Classic Ice Scrapers ZP2720022

    Classic Ice Scraper Main
    Classic Ice Scrapers are made in the UK from recycled plastic. Digitally printed up to full...

    From£0.54 each

  4. Large Transparent Ice Scrapers ZP2720003

    Large Transparent Ice Scrapers come with a strong moulded handle with a large blade providing a...

    From£0.59 each

  5. Chill Ice Scrapers ZP2720018

    Chill Ice Scrapers Main
    Chill Ice scrapers are regular sized Ice Scrapers. Basic handheld windshield scraper. Made out of...

    From£0.60 each

  6. Recycled Billboard Ice Scrapers ZP2720015

    Recycled Billboard Ice Scraper Main
    Recycled Billboard Ice Scrapers with very large print area, complete with a rubber squeegee....

    From£0.71 each

  7. T-Shirt Ice Scrapers ZP2720013

    T-Shirt Ice Scraper Main
    T-Shirt Ice Scrapers are simple, but effective ice scrapers. Ideal for sports clubs and teams....

    From£0.78 each

  8. Plastic Solid Coloured Handle Ice Scrapers ZP2720008

    Plastic Solid Coloured Handle Ice Scrapers have a narrow concentrated blade with raised teeth for...

    From£0.84 each

  9. Hudson Deluxe Plastic Ice Scrapers ZP2720007

    Hudson Deluxe Plastic Ice Scrapers are made from a quality plastic and have a smooth sleek design...

    From£0.93 each

  10. Recycled Elite Ice Scrapers ZP2720016

    Recycled Elite Ice Scraper Main
    Recycled Elite Ice Scrapers are the perfect winter accessory with two large print areas....

    From£1.01 each

  11. Riverton Tri Blade Ice Scrapers ZP2720011

    Riverton Ice Scraper Main
    Riverton Tri Blade Ice Scrapers are 3 in 1 scraper,squeegee and ridged blade. Detachable scraper...

    From£1.11 each

  12. Grippa Ice Scrapers ZP2720021

    Grippa Ice Scrapers Main
    Grippa Ice Scrapers with comfortable handle because of the soft nylon material. Printing on...

    From£1.17 each

  13. Ice Scrapers With Nylon Fleece Glove ZP2720009

    Ice Scrapers With Nylon Fleece Glove come with a clear plastic blade. For help or advise on buying...

    From£1.18 each

  14. Ice Scrapers 3 in 1 ZP2720020

    Ice Scrapers 3 in 1 Main
    Ice Scrapers 3 in 1 are an hardcolour ice scrapers with sponge and wiper. An useful...

    From£1.21 each

  15. Ice Scraper With Polyester Glove ZP2720010

    Ice Scrapers With Polyester Glove come with a black blade made of plastic with a black fleece...

    From£1.71 each

  16. Acrylic Ice Scrapers ZP2720019

    Acrylic Ice Scrapers Main
    Acrylic Ice Scrapers are an high quality, solid and stylish ice scrapers. The ice scraper is...

    From£1.81 each

Promotional ice scrapers serve the best brand marketing in winter

Trying to choose which promotional item can heat up your business this winter? Some promotional products keep your logo on view for other people to see whilst others make sure you see the logo during every use. For maximum exposure of your company name in this snow white season, nothing could be better than promotional ice scrapers, and this item falls in both the categories. Your clients, customers and employees can’t help look at these ice scrapers when clearing their car of ice or snow, and each time they look at the ice scraper, they will see your logo or branding. Similarly, others can’t stop appreciating your business for choosing such an essential item as your business promotional gift for winter. This appreciation will definitely turn them towards your business, extending your business network.

There are many styles of printed ice scrapers including small triangular or square ones and long handled styles with coloured or clear plastic blades. All of them are made from high grade plastic to make these items sturdy, robust and durable. All the styles provide a generous imprint area and the availability of a wide range of attractive colours ensures that there is an ice scraper to suit any promotional marketing campaign that your company needs.

The Snap Ice Scraper is one of our best sellers, it offers a convenient credit card size promotional ice scraper and can be printed with anything from a 1 colour up to a full colour logo. An additional benefit is the Tyre Tread Guage designed into the product.

If you are looking for a long handled promotional ice scraper then the Large Transparent Ice Scrapers or Hudson Ice Scraper are the best options for branded ice scrapers.

A number of the personalized Ice Scrapers can deliver these in 5 days, ideal if you decide to launch a last minute campaign we can deliver these on an express service, get in touch and we will talk you through the options.

While choosing a suitable promotional product it is essential that you choose a product which will be of practical use to your target market. The more your clients and customers use your promotional gift, the more your brand gets exposed. Promotional printed ice scrapers fit in this category perfectly because an ice scraper is a must-have item in frosty winter when almost every people needs to scrap snow and solid frost off the windows of their cars and homes. So, pick this cost effective and essential winter promotional gift and use it correctly in your marketing campaign to enhance your market share. This promotional item will not only be gladly accepted by your business associates but will also keep your brand name shining throughout this dreary winter.

Go through our list of various ice scrapers and choose the best one for your brand marketing. Also, if you would like advice on which promotional ice scrapers are best for your marketing needs or need help in designing your artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email us at We will be happy to give you any help you need for the effective brand marketing of your business this winter.

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