Promotional Jute Bags

  1. Ariel Jute Bags ZP2932002

    Egerton Jute Gift Bags
    Ariel Jute Bags is our best seller and is a versitle bag which is suitable to use as a shopper or...

    From£1.50 each

  2. Amazon Juco Bags ZP2932014

    Amazon Juco Bags black printed
    Amazon Juco Bags come with a coloured trim and handles and a wipe clean interior. This high...

    From£1.63 each

  3. Egerton Jute Gift Bags ZP2932017

    Egerton Jute Gift Bags
    Egerton Jute Gift Bags are a Small environmentally friendly Eco Gift bag made from 14x15 natural...

    From£1.38 each

  4. Marigold Jute Bags ZP2932007

    Marigold Jute Bags branded
    Marigold Jute Bag are handy A4 sized bags with dyed short loop handles. Made from standard 14 x 15...

    From£1.41 each

  5. Maryport Jute Bags ZP2932001

    Maryport Jute Bags branded
    Maryport Jute Bags are handy A4 sized bags with wipe clean lining and soft loop short handles....

    From£1.50 each

  6. Flora Jute Bags ZP2932008

    Flora Jute Bags branded
    Flora Jute Bag are handy A4 sized bags with matching short loop handles. Made from standard 14 x...

    From£1.61 each

  7. Brecon Jute Bags ZP2932011

    Brecon Jute Bags promotional
    Brecon Jute Bags are available in many colours on the gussets and handles with a clean wipe...

    From£1.63 each

  8. Majestic Jute Bags ZP2932003

    Regent Jute Bags promotional
    Majestic Jute Bagis a hugley popular jute bag with a large capacity. These bags are great for...

    From£1.63 each

  9. Pembroke Jute Bags ZP2932010

    Pembroke Jute Bags branded
    Pembroke Jute Bags are handy A4 sized bags with wipe clean lining and 34cm self jute short...

    From£1.65 each

  10. Regent Jute Bags ZP2932005

    Regent Jute Bags promotional
    Regent Jute Bag is a handy A4 sized bag with white front and back panels and dyed short loop...

    From£1.70 each

  11. Concord Jute Bags ZP2932006

    Concord Jute Bags printed
    Concord Jute Bag are handy A4 sized bags, this natural coloured jute bag which is a luxury bag and...

    From£1.74 each

  12. Gipsey Jute Bags ZP2932004

    Gipsey Jute Bags
    Gipsey Jute Bag are handy A4 sized bags with white panels and dyed short loop handles and have a...

    From£1.87 each

  13. Challenger Juco Bags ZP2932012

    Challenger Juco Bags
    Challenger Juco Bags is our premium juco reusable bag which can be used for shopping or...

    From£1.87 each

  14. Hector Jute Bags ZP2932009

    Hector Jute Bags printed
    Hector Jute Bag are handy A4 sized bags with wipe clean lining and matching soft loop short...

    From£1.94 each

  15. Chennai Jute Gift Tote Bags ZP2932022

    Chennai Jute Gift Tote Bags
    Chennai Jute Gift Tote is a Jute tote with a laminated open main compartment and gusset and also...

    From£2.41 each

  16. Dargate Jute Tote Bags ZP2932016

    Dargate Jute Tote Bags blue
    Dargate Jute Tote Bags are a Large, environmentally friendly, Eco tote bag made from 14x15 natural...

    From£2.63 each

  17. Calcutta Jute Tote Bags ZP2932023

    Calcutta Jute Tote Bags
    Calcutta Jute Tote is a Jute shopper bag with open main compartment and small front pocket. The...

    From£2.85 each

  18. Claygate Juco Tote Bags ZP2932020

    Claygate Juco Tote Bags
    Claygate Juco Tote Bag is a Natural Juco (jute/cotton mix) tote bag and comes with LDPE lining and...

    From£3.10 each

  19. Mumbay Jute Tote Bags ZP2932024

    Mumbay Jute Tote Bags
    Mumbay Jute Tote is a environmental bag so be green with this shopper bag, this bag also has a...

    From£3.64 each

Show off your eco-friendly side with branded jute bags!

Jute bags are hugely popular amongst consumers as they are not only reusable but are eco-friendly and recyclable as well. Another reason behind their popularity is that these bags can be used for everyday routines, shopping, grocery trips and other uses. Businesses, on the other hand, are using promotional jute bags in place of non-biodegradable bags as corporate promotional gifts in order to promote their brand name in a socially responsible manner.

We offer a wide range of cost effective printed jute bags that are extremely versatile and long lasting. Offered in both portrait and landscape styles, our jute bags are extremely stylish and fashionable besides being highly functional. Made from sustainable jute fabric they come in an assortment of bright and fun colours as well as in natural jute shade too!

Among our wide array of personalised jute bags, the Brighton Natural Jute Bag for Life range is one of our bestsellers. This is a multi-functional jute bag that sports soft and supple carry handles due to the superior cotton webbing over the rope handles. The inside of the bag is lined with easy to clean degradable plastic. Sporting the same features is our Brighton Pre-printed Jute Bag for Life collection that is our classic promotional business gift range. To cater to the varied needs of businesses, we also offer jute bags that come with button and loop closure like the Dundee Gift Bags line or jute bags with soft shoulder handles like the Taunton Budget Jute Shoppers range.

To make them attention-grabbing and mass-appealing, we personalise these corporate logo gifts with unique logo designing processes which include screen printing, embroidery, full colour transfer and woven label over the generous branding surface of these promotional products.

For help and advice on choosing the right branded jute bags, contact our sales team at Zest Promotional now! Get in touch with us by dialling 0800 024 8461 or email us at to know more!

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