Promotional Luggage Locks & Scales

  1. Cylinder Three Digit Locks ZP2786004

    Cylinder Three Digit Locks promotional
    Cylinder three digit locks available in black and silver.

    From£0.60 each

  2. Threecode Suitcase Locks ZP2786001

    Threecode Suitcase Locks
    Luggage lock with 3 digit combination and metal rope closure they can be printed upto 2 spot...

    From£1.68 each

  3. Weighit Luggage Scales ZP2786005

    Weighit Luggage Scales lifestyle
    Luggage scale in ABS casing with a maximum capacity measure of 40 kg, displayed in kilograms or...

    From£3.99 each

  4. Phoenix TSA Luggage Tag and Lock ZP2786002

    Phoenix TSA Luggage Tag and Lock branded
    Phoenix TSA luggage tag and lock made from ABS plastic is a 2-in-1 Luggage combination lock and...

    From£5.01 each

  5. Kingsford TSA Luggage Locks ZP2786003

    Kingsford TSA Luggage Locks
    Protect your luggage while travelling with this TSA approved 3 digit metal lock. If the TSA needs...

    From£5.08 each

  6. Newark Digital Luggage Scales ZP2786007

    Newark Digital Luggage Scales
    Portable digital luggage scales in a compact size to fit in hand luggage. Batteries included and...

    From£9.52 each

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