Promotional Messenger Bags


Target your consumer market with customisable messenger bags!

Messenger bags are highly popular among people of all ages as they are easy to use and extremely multi-purpose in nature. For this reason, they have become a permanent promotional product for many businesses. While messenger bags can accommodate many things, their large imprint area make these fashionable and trendy bags walking billboards for businesses that use them in their promotional campaigns.

To help you to build a long lasting exposure for your brand, our company offers high quality promotional messenger bags at reasonable rates. We offer many different types of messenger bags for your use and you will find them in sizes, shapes, styles and colours to suit your varied requirements. Our printed messenger bags are made from a wide variety of durable materials such as imitation leather, polyester and microfibre. Constructed for everyday use, these bags are highly resistant to every day wear and tear and are easy to maintain.

Some of these messenger bags are highly multi-purpose and can be used as shopping bags, shoulder bags or backpacks. Designed with an ample number of pockets to store all your necessities, other equally friendly features that our messenger bags boast of include adjustable shoulder straps, carry handles, zippered back pockets, Velcro closures and many more nifty features. To keep up with changing times, many of these bags come with small accessory pockets for storing earphones, pens, credit cards and other small knick knacks.

To make them eye catching and unique corporate gift ideas, our branding experts can help you employ the use of various customisation processes including embroidery to replicate your logo and company name with great care and attention on these exciting promotional gift items!

For more information about our branded messenger bags and the different branding options offered by us, contact our sales team at Zest Promotional today! You can reach us by giving us a call at 0800 024 8461 or writing to us at

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