Metal Sports Bottles

Known for their durability, shop Metal Water Bottles Here today. Designed for promotional use, they can be custom printed with any message. Celebrate the loyalty of customers and employees alike by gifting them with a Branded Water Bottle they'll actually appreciate. Browse the online range and discover a style that works well for you.

  1. Pollock 550ml Water Bottles ZP2610020

    Pollock Main
    Pollock 550ml Water Bottles are aluminium drinks bottles. 550ml capacity. Screw on cap and...

    From£2.57 Each

  2. Dalton 550ml Matt Aluminium Sports Bottles ZP2610013

    Dalton Main
    Dalton 550ml Matt Aluminium Sports Bottles are frosted Effect Aluminium Sports Bottles 550ml...

    From£2.57 Each

  3. Cherub 800ml Foldable-Straw Aluminium Sports Bottles ZP2610012

    Cherub Main
    Cherub 800ml Foldable-Straw Aluminium Sports Bottles are aluminium drinks bottles with large fold...

    From£3.51 Each

  4. Kennedy Sports 1ltr Bottles ZP2610018

    Kennedy 1
    Kennedy Sports 1ltr Bottles are 1 litre Aluminium Sports Bottles. 1 Litre capacity. Black screw...

    From£4.05 Each

  5. Wentworth 750ml Aluminium Sports Bottles ZP2610039

    wentworth Main
    Wentworth 750ml Aluminium Sports Bottles are Stainless steel drinking bottles with a carabiner...

    From£5.36 Each

  6. Quench 800ml Aluminium Water Bottles ZP2610058

    Quench Main
    Quench 800ml Aluminium Water Bottles with Swiss made BPA and Phthalate free liner. Features a...

    From£10.95 Each

Available in a range of different shapes, styles and designs, our Metal Water Bottles add a touch of luxury to the everyday. Ideal for use every single day, they can be easily washed and custom printed with a promotional message of your choice.

When incorporated into your existing marketing campaign, these bottles help to expand the potential exposure of your brand. They take your name on the go, into the great outdoors and along for the ride with individuals who love to travel. Alongside this, the practicality of their design ensures all drinks stay fresh and users are able to make a more conscious choice when it comes to protecting the environment.

No matter whether your target audience focuses on good health, walking and positive activity or simply feel the need to stay hydrated, our sports bottles are there to help. We stock both aluminium water bottles and stainless steel water bottles, offering even more option to personalise your design.

To target a very specific type of audience, consider also browsing through our range of Branded Golf Products including balls, tees and covers. When paired with our Corporate Branded Sports Bottles, our promotional items allow you to create conference bags and customer gifts that they'll actually appreciate.

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