Metal USBs from Zest Promotional

For a premium feel, our metal USB sticks can be personalised with your brand's unique message. Helping to raise awareness and drive marketing efforts, they can be engraved professionally and ordered in bulk for tech giveaways. Everyone from colleagues to potential customers will appreciate the practicality and convenience of these branded metal USBs. 

  1. Aluminium 2 USB Flash Drive ZP1740002

    Aluminium 2 USB flash drives are a rectangular shaped version of the standard Aluminium model with...

    From£2.05 each

  2. Aluminium USB Flash Drive ZP1740032

    Aluminium USB Flash Drives are a rectangular shaped version of the standard Aluminium model in...

    From£2.66 each

  3. Executive 3 USB Flash Drives ZP1740202

    Executive 3 USB Flash Drives
    Executive 3 USB Flash Drives are a sleek, rectangular USB flash drives, with an Art Deco twist....

    From£3.04 each

  4. Executive USB Flash Drives ZP1740201

    Executive USB Flash Drives
    Executive USB Flash Drives are stylish rectangular shaped USB flash drives with a hinged flip-open...

    From£3.29 each

  5. Nugget USB Flash Drives ZP1740204

    Nugget USB Flash Drives
    Nugget USB Flash Drives are stylish and compact, rectangular USB flash drives with a striking gold...

    From£3.93 each

  6. Monolith USB Flash Drives ZP1740203

    Monolith USB Flash Drives
    Monolith USB Flash Drives High quality polished steel look with a laser engraved strip in the...

    From£4.01 each

Metal USB sticks have an air of luxury about them. Unlike the plastic alternatives, they are durable and stylish; fitting in well with modern life. Here at Zest Promotional, our collection of metal USB sticks continue to prove popular with businesses in all different industries. They can each be engraved with the branded message of your choice, offering a long-lasting advertising option. 

We aim to bring you the most suitable product for your commercial needs. Our bulk order metal USBs come at an affordable price and are manufactured using the finest materials. Each one features a keychain attachment, allowing them to be carried on your person with ease. And, many can be encrypted to protect the precious information they hold. Metal flash drives prove to be highly popular with photographers and those who run businesses in the digital world. For this reason, we supply a range of different memory options including 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB. 

While you're searching for the perfect personalised product, consider our promotional business card cases. A visual way of promoting your business before you've even handed out your details, they make you look professional and prepared at every networking event. And, they'll work to improve brand recognition too. 

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