Promotional Mouse Mats

Promotional Mouses Mats are a great ways to get your Brand or Message on every desk !

If your target audience is office or computer based you might considered a Branded Mouse Mat to get your brand noticed or get your commerical message in front of your target audience.

Promotional Mouse mats come in a shapes and sizes, from traditional circles and rectangles to more unusal ones like phones, trucks, hearts and T-Shirt.  At Zest, we are sure to have a suitable shape for your industry give us a call 0800 024 8461 and we'll help you find the prefect shape and style for you.

The Brite-Mat® Lite Mouse Mats are one of the lightest mouse mats ever, designed especially for low cost mailings.

Whilst, the Precision HardTop Mouse Mats has a specially developed embossed on material surface gives precise mouse control prefect for graphic designers, Cad-cam operators and architects or those who require precise mouse control.

Looks for something a little more personal then the Pictopad Mouse Mats has a clear window to allow a photograph to be added - you could put in company photograph or leave empty so the user can choose a photograph of thier own.

The design of your Promotional Mouse Mat is very flexible and very much up to you, you could add key business information, an important message or even a calander to save time looking up important information.  Whatever, you want we are here to help with your design.

If you would like advise or guidance on which Branded Mouse Mats are best for your marketing needs, or would like help in designing your artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461or email

  1. Brite-Mat® Lite Mouse Mats ZP1240008

    Brite-Mat® Lite Mouse Mats Main
    Brite-Mat® Lite Mouse Mats are one of the lightest mouse mats ever, designed especially for...

    From£0.53 each

  2. HardTop Mouse Mats ZP1240017

    Hardtop Mouse Mat Main
    HardTop Mouse Mats are the original and best mouse mat, the best selling mouse mat in Europe....

    From£0.65 each

  3. SmartMat OptiPlus™ Mouse Mats ZP1240020

    SmartMat OptiPlus Main
    SmartMat OptiPlus™ Mouse Mats are a low-cost paper laminated mouse mat providing razor sharp...

    From£0.72 each

  4. Q-Mat™ Mouse Mats ZP1240009

    Q Mat® Mouse Mats Main
    When you're looking for an high quality mouse mat at a great price, look no further than our...

    From£0.80 each

  5. Textile Mouse Mats ZP1240021

    Texile Mouse Mat Main
    Textile Mouse Mats are permanently printed in full colour by dye sublimation for exceptionally...

    From£0.99 each

  6. ToughMat™ Mouse Mats ZP1240022

    ToughMat Mouse Mat Main
    ToughMat™ Mouse Mats are a mouse mat that's built to last. With its robust...

    From£1.13 each

  7. Precision HardTop Mouse Mats ZP1240019

    Precision Mouse Mat Main
    Precision HardTop Mouse Mats is 100% guaranteed for users of optical mice. Specially...

    From£1.14 each

  8. Rectangular Brite-Mat® Mouse Mats ZP1240007

    Rectangular Brite-Mat® Mouse Mats Main
    Rectangular Brite-Mat® Mouse Mats is one of the most popular products on the market....

    From£1.15 each

  9. Round Brite-Mat® Mouse Mats ZP2255002

    Round Brite-Mat® Mouse Mats is one of the most popular products on the market. Mouse...

    From£1.15 each

  10. Armadillo Mouse Mats ZP1240018

    Armadillo Moue Mat Main
    Armadillo Mouse Mats has a tough top layer welded to a 2mm thick, soft cling base. The...

    From£1.18 each

  11. Aplix Calendar Mouse Mats ZP1240013

    Aplix Calendar Mouse Mat Main
    Aplix Calendar Mouse Mats is a PVC see through Mouse Mat. The mouse Mat contains a...

    From£1.22 each

  12. Liquid Filled Mouse Mats ZP1240015

    Liquid Filled Mouse Mat Main
    Liquid Filled Mouse Mats make for a great promotional desk- top product. These mouse mats...

    From£1.36 each

  13. Rendux Calendar Mouse Mats ZP1240010

    Rendux Calendar Mouse Mat Main
    Rendux Calendar Mouse Mats are a mouse mat and monthly calendar in one. Simply tear off...

    From£1.39 each

  14. Pictopad Mouse Mats ZP1240016

    PhotoPad Main
    Pictopad Mouse Mats make for a great promotional desk- top product. These Mouse Mats have...

    From£1.45 each

  15. Doce Calculator Mouse Mats ZP1240011

    Doce Calculator Mouse Mat Main
    Doce Calculator Mouse Mats are a large mouse mat and a standard calculator integrated....

    From£2.83 each

  16. Gong Mouse Mats ZP1240014

    Gong Mouse Mat Main
    Gong Mouse Mats with padded wrist rest. Helps keep your wrist in a proper position and...

    From£3.57 each

  17. Limit Calculator Mouse Mats ZP1240012

    Limit Mouse Mat Main
    Limit Calculator Mouse Mats is a 3 in 1 desktop accessory. It's a mouse mat,...

    From£4.11 each

  18. Belluno PU Leatherette Mouse Mats ZP1240005

    ZP1240005-Belluno-PU-Leatherette-Mouse-Mats jpg
    Belluno PU Leatherette Mouse Mats finished in soft touch Belluno PU with a real leather look and...

    From£4.33 each

  19. Hampton Leather Mouse Mats ZP1240006

    ZP1240006-Hampton-Leather-Mouse-Mats jpg
    Hampton Leather Mouse Mats finished in Hampton finecell leather which has a natural grain and an...

    From£8.67 each

  20. Wireless Charger Mouse Mats ZP1637005

    Wireless Charger Mouse Branded
    Wireless Charger Mouse Mats are made from high quality and soft feel PU black imitation leather....

    From£20.49 Each

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