Promotional Mouse Mats

Our collection of promotional mouse mats help to promote your business message every single day. Designed for the convenience of customers and colleagues, these Promotional Computer Accessories have an ergonomic design for comfort. They can be printed with your company logo or message to make sure you are the first brand they think of. 

  1. Aplix Calendar Mouse Mats ZP1240013

    Aplix Calendar Mouse Mat Main
    Aplix Calendar Mouse Mats is a PVC see through Mouse Mat. The mouse Mat contains a Calander which...


  2. Gong Mouse Mats ZP1240014

    Gong Mouse Mat Main
    Gong Mouse Mats with padded wrist rest. Helps keep your wrist in a proper position and reduce...


  3. Brite-Mat® Lite Mouse Mats ZP1240008

    Brite-Mat® Lite Mouse Mats Main
    Brite-Mat® Lite Mouse Mats are one of the lightest mouse mats ever, designed especially for low...

    From£0.57 each

  4. HardTop Mouse Mats ZP1240017

    Hardtop Mouse Mat Main
    HardTop Mouse Mats are the original and best mouse mat, the best selling mouse mat in Europe....

    From£0.79 each

  5. Q-Mat™ Mouse Mats ZP1240009

    Q Mat® Mouse Mats Main
    When you're looking for an high quality mouse mat at a great price, look no further than our Q-Mat...

    From£0.81 each

  6. SmartMat OptiPlus™ Mouse Mats ZP1240020

    SmartMat OptiPlus Main
    SmartMat OptiPlus™ Mouse Mats are a low-cost paper laminated mouse mat providing razor sharp print...

    From£0.83 each

  7. Brite-Mat® Mouse Mats ZP1240007

    Brite Mouse Mat Group
    Brite-Mat® Mouse Mats is one of the most popular products on the market available in a round or...

    From£0.88 each

  8. ToughMat™ Mouse Mats ZP1240022

    ToughMat Mouse Mat Main
    ToughMat™ Mouse Mats are a mouse mat that's built to last. With its robust construction the...

    From£1.20 each

  9. Textile Mouse Mats ZP1240021

    Texile Mouse Mat Main
    Textile Mouse Mats are permanently printed in full colour by dye sublimation for exceptionally...

    From£1.25 each

  10. Armadillo Mouse Mats ZP1240018

    Armadillo Moue Mat Main
    Armadillo Mouse Mats has a tough top layer welded to a 2mm thick, soft cling base. The Armadillo...

    From£1.28 each

  11. Liquid Filled Mouse Mats ZP1240015

    Liquid Filled Mouse Mat Main
    Liquid Filled Mouse Mats make for a great promotional desk- top product. These mouse mats are...

    From£1.36 each

  12. Precision HardTop Mouse Mats ZP1240019

    Precision Mouse Mat Main
    Precision HardTop Mouse Mats is 100% guaranteed for users of optical mice. Specially developed...

    From£1.45 each

  13. Pictopad Mouse Mats ZP1240016

    PhotoPad Main
    Pictopad Mouse Mats make for a great promotional desk- top product. These Mouse Mats have a clear...

    From£1.59 each

  14. Belluno PU Leatherette Mouse Mats ZP1240005

    ZP1240005-Belluno-PU-Leatherette-Mouse-Mats jpg
    Belluno PU Leatherette Mouse Mats finished in soft touch Belluno PU with a real leather look and...

    From£4.40 each

  15. Hampton Leather Mouse Mats ZP1240006

    ZP1240006-Hampton-Leather-Mouse-Mats jpg
    Hampton Leather Mouse Mats finished in Hampton finecell leather which has a natural grain and an...

    From£8.76 each

When it comes to brand awareness, our promotional mouse mats are a smart option. Ideal for all business types, they effectively promote your individual message out to a wider audience. When used for conference bags or in industry fairs, these mats provide you with an attractive advertising option that fits in with everyday life. 

We put the comfort and needs of your customers first. Our mousemats come in a selection of different styles including ergonomically shaped or with gel cushions. Each one is fully personalisable and able to be printed with your branded message. Use a design in line with your current advertising campaign or get your new company ethos out there for everyone to see. However you decide to use them, promotional mouse pads can effectively boost employee and customer interaction. 

Here at Zest Promotional, our range of unique products doesn't stop here. We have a large selection of branded desk accessories including USB hubs, computer mice and cable organisers. If you're looking to put together a conference goodie bag they'll never forget, this is the place to be. We specialise in bringing high-quality and easily personalised items straight to your customers while helping you to promote those key messages. 

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