Promotional Multi Function Tools

  1. Multi Tool - Card Size ZP3015012

    Card Size Multi-Tool Main
    Our new Multi Tool is an extremely handy tool with 18 functions! The Multi Tool is Credit Card...

    From£0.85 Each

  2. 15 Multi Function Tool ZP3015009

    15 Multi Function Tool with black trim supplied in an imitation leather pouch. For help or advice...

    From£3.58 each

  3. 11 Function Mini Multi Tool & Pouch ZP3015010

    zp3015010 11 function mini multi tool & pouch.jpg
    11 Function Mini Multi Tool is a compact multi tool with 11 functions supplied in a nylon pouch....

    From£4.27 each

  4. 11 Function Multi Tool & Pouch ZP3015011

    zp3015011 11 function multi tool & pouch.jpg
    11 Function Multi Tool & Pouch is a stylish multi tool with 11 functions supplied in a Nylon...

    From£6.07 each

  5. Victorinox Swiss Card Classic ZP3015004

    Victorinox Swiss Card Classic is a 9 feature credit card sized tool kit including letter...

    From£13.29 each

  6. Victorinox Swiss Card Lite ZP3015005

    Victorinox Swiss Card Lite, 9 feature credit card sized tool kit including letter opener/blade,...

    From£16.36 each

  7. Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit with Leather Pouch ZP3015001

    Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit with Leather Pouch is a 24 function Multi-tool with features...

    From£63.11 each

Guarantee huge success for your business with customised multi function tools!

While promotional multi function tools are essential for both businesses and domestic households, they also serve the purpose of advertising various products and services of businesses over the entire life of the product. If you are planning to achieve prolonged brand exposure for your business, let our branded multi function tools help you to achieve that marketing goal with ease! Our personalised multi function tools offer a great marketing opportunity for businesses both big and small.

Besides being multi-purpose hardware, our branded multi function tools are stylish and made from top quality materials to ensure durability. These pocket sized tools are available in various colours and finish to suit all kinds of business needs. You can even go an extra mile on your advertising campaign by gifting your premium clients multi function tools manufactured by the popular Swiss brand Victorinox. Packaged in separate boxes, an added benefit of these globally recognised multi function tools is that they come with a lifetime guarantee, making them ideal for your special clients who will definitely appreciate this warm gesture!

Have these premium quality and scientifically engineered high grade stainless steel products customised using equally high quality and latest printing techniques by our team of Zest Promotional designers for better branding.

Do not delay - arm your customers, clients and employees with multi function tools that have been personalised with your brand name and company logo today! Whenever there is any kind of repair work to be done, a multi function tool custom imprinted with your name will come in handy for your recipients. At that moment of crisis, your recipients will be grateful for the tool you have given them and your business will automatically subconsciously be associated with care and convenience.

Get in touch with sales team to find the right promotional multi function tools that will match all your promotional requirements! To know more, simply call us at 0800 024 8461 or email us at today.

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