Promotional Novelty Keyrings

  1. Spirit Level Keyrings ZP2317003

    Spirit Level Keyrings made from acrylic are a useful yet novelty keyring with a branding area to...

    From£0.48 each

  2. Biodegradable Keyring Pens ZP2230013

    Biodegradable Keyring Pens are an eco friendly retractable pen with a 25mm keyring attachment...

    From£0.61 each

  3. Life Bouy Floating Keyrings ZP2317005

    Life Bouy Floating Keyrings are a novelty design in the shape of a lifebuoy. This keyring can hold...

    From£0.62 each

  4. Cleaning Cloth Keyrings ZP2317011

    Cleaning Cloth Keyrings are a novelty keyring with a useful cleaning cloth to keep glasses and...

    From£1.01 each

Gift branded novelty keyrings for great brand recall!

As part of their marketing strategy, many businesses give away keyrings to their clients and customers. Unlike other promotional products, keyrings offer long lasting exposure for businesses. Promotional keyrings personalised with your company name and logo will stay in the public domain as long as the keyrings are used by your customers.

Our promotional novelty keyrings products are designed in a novel and unique manner, and are available to businesses at affordable rates! We have designed our keyrings to stand out because the more unique the keyring the stronger the brand recall for your business. Have a look at our collection of printed novelty keyrings and invest in them to build the brand name of your company now! They are available in various shapes and sizes.

The printed novelty keyrings that we offer at Zest Promotional are not only attractive but multipurpose as well. Besides holding keys for your clients and customers, they can be used in various other ways. Take a look at our Fish Bone Keyring and Cable Holder which functions as a bottle opener, a keychain and a headphone cable storage article. Similarly, our Pill Case Keyrings allows users trouble free and quick access to their pills.

To further strengthen your brand visibility, gift your clients and customers our innovatively designed floating keyrings in the shapes of boat fenders and lifebuoys. With such printed novelty keyrings that float, your clients will never have to worry about losing their keys in water ever again! With such novel promotional products, the keys of clients not sink to oblivion, keeping your brand name afloat for a very long time as well.

Do not delay! Our designers are standing by to help you expertly design the name and logo of your company on our promotional novelty keyrings. Our designers are adept at creating precise and detailed designs that will ensure that your business promotion campaign makes a strong impact among your consumers.

If you wish to know more about our branded novelty keyrings, contact our sales team by emailing us at or calling us at 0800 024 8461.

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