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Our Top 5 Promotional Ideas for a Reusable Office

Traditional office environments produce a lot of waste. Just think about it – all those misprinted documents, all the worn-down pencils and even folders that have been replaced by cloud-hosted files. In this modern world, more and more businesses are seeking sustainable options that can be reused and repurposed for longer. And by opting for branded items, they are able to increase the reach of current advertising efforts while reinforcing their brand. We’ve rounded up our top 5 promotional ideas to help you create an effective, reusable office. 

Bloquero Plus Notebooks  

A recycled brown notebook with spiral bound and matching pen
Bloquero Plus Notebook

From meetings to conference calls, there is always a note to be jotted down. And, the Bloquero Plus Notebook allows you to do this in an eco-friendly way. These promotional recycled notebooks are available in both black and natural brown with 70 blank pages, as standard. Each one comes with its own recycled ball pen, manufactured from biodegradable components and writing in blue ink. Print your own logo, message or corporate image on the front to create a uniformed aesthetic within the entire team. 

Contour Digital Eco Ballpens 

A key office essential, the Contour ballpoint pens are there to accompany you to any catch-up. They have an entirely recycled plastic barrel – an eco-friendly option that aligns with your corporate interests. The rubberised colour grip and chrome trim can be personalised to suit brand colours. You can also add your business logo too. Everyone needs a pen – whether you’re in the office every day or just occasionally. And, these branded eco pens are a cost-effective way to enhance marketing and advertising efforts at the same time. 

Recycled Money Pencils with Eraser

zp2230021 recycled denim pencils jpg
zp2230021 recycled denim pencils jpg

If you’re looking for something unique that offers viable environmentally-friendly benefits, these branded recycled pencils are ideal. They are made from reused money, using 30% recycled denim and 70% recycled polystyrene. A quirky way to introduce branded eco stationery to your reusable office. Each of these sustainable pencils promises to work just as well as the traditional alternatives. And, they have a large area which can be printed with your message, logo or corporate pattern. 

Double Wooden Pencil Sharpeners

Recycled wood pencil sharpeners with branding engraved
Double Wooden Pencil Sharpeners

Our branded recycled pencils need to stay in tip-top condition for your everyday use. This Double Wooden Pencil Sharpener is the perfect accompaniment. They are entirely eco-friendly, made using sustainable timber that has been sourced from independently certified forests. With two sharpeners in one, they are a  lightweight and compact. Each one fits perfectly within your stationery kit. Discover a low-cost and effective way to ensure your working environment stays as sustainable as possible. 

Brite-Mat Tyre Recycled Coasters

Drinks coasters made out of recycled rubber tyres
Brite-Mat Tyre Recycled Coasters

These fully sustainable coasters are manufactured here in the UK, using 99.5% recycled materials. This includes a blend of recycled tyres, plastics and paper. Not only are they low-profile and non-slip for convenient use, but each one can also be branded with your corporate logo, message or image to reinforce advertising efforts. A small gift for all employees but one that is both useful and supports their drive towards a more eco-friendly office. 

Promotional recycled pencils, branded recycled notebooks and branded eco pens offer a viable way to reduce waste in a reusable office. No matter the size of your office, they can be personalised to suit your brand while also being helpful in the everyday life of employees. If you have any questions about our sustainable range or would like to better understand the printing process, get in contact with the team here at Zest Promotional.

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