Promotional Passport Holders

  1. PVC Passport Covers ZP2780004

    PVC Passport Covers made from 300 micron white or coloured PVC welded all round with radius...

    From£0.33 each

  2. Belluno PU Economy Passport Holders ZP2780006

    Belluno PU Economy Passport Holders are made from exceptionally high grade soft, leather look...

    From£2.14 each

  3. Kastra PU Passport Holders ZP2780025

    Kastra PU Passport Holders branded
    Kastra Passport Holders are made from textured PU ideal for protecting your passport. Available in...

    From£2.41 each

  4. Magnetic PU Passport Holders ZP2780028

    Hold-ID Passport Holders branded
    Magnetic PU Passport Holders are made from a soft touch Padded PU material. Great choice of...

    From£3.00 Each

  5. PU Passport Holders ZP2780030

    PU Passport Holders are made from a soft touch Padded PU material. Great choice of...

    From£3.00 Each

  6. Belluno PU Passport Holders ZP2780009

    Belluno PU Passport Holders are made from exceptionally high grade soft, leather look Italian PU...

    From£3.25 each

  7. Balmoral Leather Deluxe Passport Wallets ZP2780014

    Balmoral Leather Deluxe Passport Wallets are made from out entry level bonded leather which is...

    From£7.41 each

  8. Warwick Leather Passport Wallets ZP2780017

    Warwick Leather Passport Wallets are made from genuine leather, with stylish exterior and...

    From£7.70 each

  9. Kensington Leather Passport Covers ZP2780029

    Kensington Leather Passport Covers with two tuned and stitched material pockets. Finished in...

    From£7.78 each

  10. Chesterfield Passport Wallets ZP2780024

    Chesterfield Passport Wallets
    Chesterfield Passport Wallets made from unlined naked leather, ideal for the young and trendy...

    From£10.19 each

  11. Melbourne Leather Passport Wallets ZP2780019

    Melbourne Leather Passport Wallets have an internal leather spine and a scooped pocket for easier...

    From£10.39 each

  12. Sandringham Nappa Leather Deluxe Passport Wallet ZP2780016

    Sandringham Nappa Leather Deluxe Passport Wallets are made from our high end nappa leather...

    From£12.00 each

  13. Ashbourne Passport Wallets ZP2780023

    Ashbourne Passport Wallets
    Ashbourne Passport Wallets made in our new Ashbourne full hide leather, unlined for a raw and...

    From£14.74 each

  14. Eco-Verde Passport Wallet ZP2780022

    Eco-Verde Leather Passport Wallets feature an internal leather spine and additional pockets for...

    From£25.40 each

Make your brand name shine all over the world with promotional passport holders

There are some items that never fail to promote a business when these items are offered in the right way to the right people. A promotional passport holder is one of those items that can promote your brand in foreign countries. If your company is a travel agency, a business having overseas branches and foreign clients, or planning to extend its business network to foreign lands, then a custom imprinted passport holder can be your perfect business promotional gift.

Get in touch with prospective foreign clients and customers and welcome them to deal with your business by handing out passport holders to your employees, clients and customers who often fly off to foreign countries for business deals or personal trips. During a tour, one needs to show their passport at different stages of the trip and for identification, and every time your business associates or employees pull out their passport from the promotional passport holder you gave them, your brand name will be displayed in style, class and elegance.

In our wide collection of passport holders, you will find genuine leather, PU leatherette and imitation leather passport holders. All these materials are of high quality, durable and long lasting. The genuine leather passport holder is richly crafted to exude a sophisticated and classy touch and is especially designed to meet the taste of business executives. The other two types are also very good and feature almost the same style and design like the leather one apart from the material used. Barring the slot for holding the passport safely, there are some additional slots in all these passport holders so that your business associates can keep other essential items there during their trips.

Select passport holders from our collection that are best suited for your business marketing. Print your brand name, logo or business slogan on the front cover / surface of the passport case by screen printing, foil blocking or embossing it and let your brand name shine all across the world.

Our Black PU Passport Holders are a best selling product which are made from high quality PU leatherette, ideal from blind embossing or foil blocking your logo.

Another popular product in the range is the  Ashbourne Leather Passport Holder made from soft smooth leather which is stain, water and dirt resistant. For a high quality genuine leather passport wallet they are excellent value for money.

Go through our list of various passport holders and choose the right one that can serve your branding effectively and efficiently. If you would like advise on which promotional passport holders will suit your marketing needs perfectly or want help in designing your artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email us at today for a personalized quote!

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