Promotional Pen Pots

  1. Round Pen Pots - Flat Pack ZP1115004

    Round Pen Pot - Flat Pack Flatted
    Round Pen Pots are a versatile and budget-friendly item for promotions. Choice of trim colour to...

    From£0.69 each

  2. Wheelie Bin Pen Pots ZP1115001

    Wheelie Bin Pen Pot Branded Grey
    Wheelie Bin Pen Pots are moulded in recycled plastic. This popular and iconic replica of a wheelie...

    From£1.18 each

  3. Oil Drum Pen Pots ZP1115005

    Oil Drum Pen Pots Branded Blue
    Oil Drum Pen Pots are a great for organising your desktop! Good choice of colours. Can be screen...

    From£1.33 each

  4. Rubik's Pen Pots ZP1115012

    Rubiks Pen Pots Full Colour Branded
    Rubik's Pen Pots are a practical pen pot, branded full colour with your designs to each side....

    From£2.81 each

  5. Prodigy Clock Pen Pots ZP1115006

    Prodigy Clock Pen Pot Branded
    Prodigy Clock Pen Pots are a multi-purpose pen pot. With calendar alarm clock and thermometer. Pen...

    From£3.61 each

  6. Cubo Weather Station Pen Pots ZP1115007

    Cubo Weather Pen Pen Branded
    Cubo Weather Station Pen Pots displays time, date and temperature. Weather station with pen...

    From£8.58 each

Branded Pen Holders from the Team at Zest

A promotional pen pot is one of them products that will constanly be in sight, always on the desk of all your customers or employees - They come in many different shapes and sizes which would be prefect for any desk.

Here at Zest we have a range of Promotional Pen Pots,  which can be customised with your own design. making a unique product to promote your business.

The Round Pen Pots are supplied flat making it the prefect promotional product for mass marketing as it be easily be sent through the post.  It can also be branded with in full colour which will allow you to create your own look and feel.

The Rubik Cube Pen Pots has a unique design combine a pen pot with the Rubiks cube design bring back those nostalgic feelings.

The Cubo combines a pen pot with a desktop weather station which displays time, date and temperature.  It also has a alarm clock that will help the user get to that important meeting on time.

If you can't find what you are looking for please contact the friendly team at Zest on 0800 024 8461 and let us find the right Promotional Pen Pot for you !

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