Promotional Plastic Keyrings

  1. P5 Keyrings ZP2312001

    P5 Keyrings
    P5 Keyrings are our bestselling promotional keyring, we also have a P6 keyring - the same great...

    From£0.24 each

  2. P6 Keyrings ZP2312002

    P6 Keyrings
    P6 Keyrings are a UK-made keyring that has a plastic clip attachment which gives the keyring a...

    From£0.24 each

  3. Y1 Keyrings ZP2312018

    Y1 Keyrings
    Compact Y1 keyrings are a great low cost keyring for a range of promotions. Designed for use with...

    From£0.26 each

  4. U1 Square Keyrings ZP2312013

    U1 Square Keyrings
    U1 keyrings have a square shape, and are designed to carry a printed paper insert. This UK-made...

    From£0.29 each

  5. I1 Keyrings ZP2312006

    I1 Keyrings
    The tactile I1 keyring has a round shape that's really popular for a range of markets and...

    From£0.29 each

  6. S6 Classic Keyrings ZP2312011

    S6 Classic Keyrings
    The S6 is one of our classic promotional keyrings, with a great branding area. Made in the UK, the...

    From£0.33 each

  7. S5 Classic Keyrings ZP2312010

    S5 Classic Keyrings
    The S5 is one of our classic promotional keyrings. It offers a great branding area for a full...

    From£0.33 each

  8. A5 Keyrings ZP2312003

    A5 Keyrings
    A5 keyrings are designed to carry a paper insert or photo with a passport photo sized branding...

    From£0.34 each

  9. A6 Keyrings ZP2312004

    A6 Keyrings
    Our popular A6 keyring is designed to carry a paper insert or photo with a passport sized branding...

    From£0.34 each

  10. E1 Keyrings ZP2312012

    E1 Keyrings
    The E1 keyring is a re-openable keyring, with a passport sized branding area, ideal for a paper...

    From£0.34 each

  11. C1 Rectangular Keyrings ZP2312015

    C1 Rectangular Keyrings
    C1 rectangular keyrings have a great sized branding area for your brand and message. This UK-made...

    From£0.36 each

  12. G1 Re-openable Keyrings ZP2312017

    G1 Re-openable Keyrings
    G1 Re-openable Plastic Keyrings are designed to re-open with the use of a coin. Designed for use...

    From£0.37 each

  13. F1 Convex Keyrings ZP2312016

    F1 Convex Keyrings
    F1 plastic keyrings have a stylish oblong shape with convex sides to make it a very tactile...

    From£0.39 each

  14. D2 Lozenge Keyrings ZP2312014

    D2 Lozenge Keyrings
    D2 keyrings are slimline lozenge shape that customers love. This UK-made keyring is available in...

    From£0.41 each

  15. Shaped Keyrings ZP2312007

    All Shaped Keyrings
    Our standard shapes include a heart, van, key, mobile phone, house, t-shirt and a number one....

    From£0.41 each

  16. L6 Large Keyrings ZP2312009

    L6 Large Keyrings
    The L6 is our largest keyring, designed for carrying big images, photos or large amounts of...

    From£0.52 each

  17. L4 Large Keyrings ZP2312008

    L4 Large Keyrings
    The L4 is our largest keyring, designed for carrying big images, photos or large amounts of...

    From£0.52 each

  18. R1 Keyrings ZP2312005

    R1 Keyrings
    One of our favourite keyrings, the R1 keyring combines a keyring with a sturdy and practical...

    From£0.60 each

Hand out branded plastic keyrings and watch your business grow!

Offering promotional plastic keyrings is a very common marketing strategy among businesses. People love to receive such practical gifts which they can use in their everyday lives. For businesses, gifting plastic keyrings customised with their company’s name and logo helps to ensure maximum brand exposure for many years to come. Our branded plastic keyrings are an inexpensive way for generating that much needed brand awareness among your consumers and clients. Our collection of plastic keyrings is made from quality, durable acrylic materials. Made from environmentally friendly materials, we offer these plastic keyrings at pocket friendly prices.

At Zest Promotional, we offer all kinds of printed plastic keyrings to suit your various business needs! Our plastic keyrings are available in varied shapes, sizes and colours. Some of our plastic keyrings are available with geometric shapes like rectangles, circles and ellipses. We also have on offer plastic keyrings designed like hearts, houses, vans and sport kits.

To show that you care for your clients and customers, gift them our unique Smart Fob Heart Keyrings! Similarly, for businesses who want to tap into the sporty side of their consumer, invest in our inexpensive but effective Smart Fob Sport Kit Keyrings. If you are looking for a promotional product that is more than just a keyring, hand out our Smart Fob Bottle Opener Keyrings to make a stronger impression among your target audience.

Our team of designers can carry out all kinds of customisation work on any of our plastic keyrings with different colours and finishes according to your marketing needs. Get in touch with us to print your business name and logo on our promotional plastic keyrings.

For more information or advice on our printed plastic keyrings, contact our sales team anytime today! You can easily reach us at or give us a call at 0800 024 8461!


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