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Promotional cooler bags are one of the many popular marketing options that businesses never fail to use to widen their consumer market and augment their business sales. Besides being effective promotional tools, they are also known to offer genuine use and value to their recipients. Whether it is packing food and beverages for a family picnic or bringing lunch to work, things are simple and trouble-free with cooler bags. Since they are extremely handy and practical, people tend to use them a lot, making them ideal for brand advertisement!

Depending on their use, there are different types of cooler bags available in the market. While some are designed for storing food, others are meant to hold only drinks. There are others that are manufactured for carrying people’s lunches. If you are planning to promote your business name with branded cooler bags, you need to make sure that you only use cooler bags made from good quality and durable materials because if you give poorly made bags that tear easily after a few uses, your receivers may form a negative impression about your business.

To ensure that you leave a lasting and positive impression on your gift recipients, our company offers strong and durable printed cooler bags at reasonable prices. Our moderately priced cooler bags are considered to be the most cost-effective premium promotional business gifts. Constructed using a wide variety of materials including polyester and non-woven polypropylene, these cooler bags come in various colours, styles and sizes. Light in weight, they are ideal for everyday use as well as for planned outdoor trips. The insulating materials used in our cooler bags are of the highest grade which ensure that the beverages and food items inside stay hot or cold throughout the day.

Among the various types of cooler bags on offer by us, some are designed with two separate cooler compartments. While one of them is the Snowflake Cooler Bags collection, the other is Polyester 2 Compartment Cooler Bags range. The branded cooler bags under these two ranges are lightweight cooler bag options that allow users to separate their beverages from their food. While the lower compartment is used for keeping drinks, the top compartment is reserved for food items. This way, the food is not crushed or damaged by the beverages.

available in some cool designs, many of our cooler bags are produced for carrying a specific quantity of standard sized cans. Crafted from 600D polyester materials, our Smarden 6 Can Cooler Bags can not only fit 6 standard sized cans but can also be folded up when not in use. The other design features that these bags boast of are carry straps and slip pockets on the front. Possessing similar design features with carry straps and slip pockets but crafted from 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene materials, our Rainham 6 Can Cooler Bags collection is another of our popular foldable value for money cooler bag options.

Other cooler bags that you can consider for carrying your soft or hard drinks cans include our 6 Can Non Woven Cooler Bags and 6 Can Polyester Cooler Bags. We also offer large sized cooler bags that can carry up to 12 cans. Though many of our cooler bags can carry bottles of all sizes, our Large 6 Bottle Cooler Bags are especially designed for carrying up to 6 bottles.

If you require promotional cooler bags in the shape of a backpack, you can check out our Snowflake Tote Cooler Backpacks and Snowflake Cooler Backpack collection. The important design features you will come across in the former includes u-zip main compartments, zipped side pockets, removable backpack straps and carry handles. The latter includes simply designed compact cooler backpacks that sport zippered mesh separators, adjustable shoulder straps and outer side pockets.

Our team of highly qualified designers can customise these cooler bags with your logo and business name according to your requirements. To get the most desirable brand consciousness results about your services and products among your costumers, our designers can aid you in employing high tech customisation processes such as screen printing, transfer printing and many more for reproducing your business message with greater clarity on the large branding area of these corporate logo gifts!

If you plan to distribute printed cooler bags as your next promotional business gifts and need help and advice on selecting the right option, contact our sales team now! To reach us, call us at 0161 672 5804 or email

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