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Stojo: Branded Drinkware, The Collapsible Cup

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Stojo is the collapsible, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic cups and inaccessible travel mugs. Easy to use, clean, and transport from home to work, or anywhere in between. Stojo has become a recognisable reusable drinkware brand because of the functionality of the collapsible and how easily it can be transported around. Stojo is perfect for schools, companies and events, showcasing your brand in a bold and convenient way. Featuring FDA-certified silicone and available in an exceptional range of colours, customising your logo is a no-brainer for brand exposure.

About Stojo

Stojo was created by three fathers in New York in 2012 with the idea to reduce the volume of waste produced from single-use coffee cups and bottles that we all used in our daily lives. The concept of a collapsible was at the forefront of this brainstorm to make it a highly accessible product to increase uptake. It was important that the design of the product did not compromise on quality such as leaking or other accessible components such as using it with reusable straws, and it can be versatile for many scenarios. The impact of Stojo is to ultimately make this the reusable cup that people use for the future, so we are sustainable with our choice to avoid single-use waste.

Stojo creates products that make sustainable living easy, so we can make ethical choices easily without stress. Stojo is a team of hardworking folks united by a passion for a mission to work together in the fight for using sustainable and eco-friendly product alternatives. Transparency, respect, and constant dialogue allow them to move fast and remain close to these sustainability projects and product developments.

The three Brooklyn dads who founded Stojo want to make planet-friendly accessories, so we don’t end up giving in to fast fashion or single-use products. They want to put an end to throwaway culture. Stojo bottles, mugs, and more are made from bamboo, recycled plastic and stainless steel so you can say no to disposable culture. They’re also committed to the highest standards in manufacturing and ensure that everything we produce is responsibly sourced. With high-quality products readily available at home or on the go for less than £15, Stojo makes it possible for people everywhere to live sustainably, and easily!

Why Choose Stojo Drinkware?

Staying hydrated is an important part of anyone’s daily routine. Whether you need a morning pick-me-up or something to keep you going through lunch at work, these custom collapsible drinkware cups are perfect for anyone on the go. The double-walled design of a Stojo cup insulates your hot or cold beverage, making them perfect for both hot and iced drinks. These Stojo cups will keep your drink safe, secure, and spill-proof with these innovative collapsible cups. They’re perfect for your employees to drink their morning coffee on their way to work or for a busy client who needs a cup that can fit in whatever bag they have on them at that time.

When it comes to why people choose customisable Stojo products, here are some of the key reasons:

  • Collapsible: One of the key selling points of the Stojo cups is that it is collapsible, so it’s possible to fit one inside any bag or pocket. They are not just portable, but also sturdy and can easily fit in standard drink holders as well which makes them highly accessible. It’s a convenient way to pack a few all-important drinks on your travels, camping trips, or daily commute.
  • Eco-friendly: Stojo drinkware is free of BPA, BPSs and phthalates. Meaning that there are no nasties added to the products in the manufacturing process. It’s also 100% recyclable. You’re helping the planet one sip at a time.
  • Style: Stojo Drinkware is designed for life in the city. A sleek and stylish design is paired with a lightweight, durable frame and spill-proof cap that’s gentle on the hands. The spacious interior holds up to 24oz of your favourite beverages. Plus, they’re dishwasher and microwave safe so washing them is a breeze!


  • Universal & built for travelling: The Stojo drinkware is a universal cup that can be used as a coffee mug, travel cup or for hydration at sports events. It can be used for hot beverages and cold, so you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink in this mess-free solution to reusable cups. You don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy bottle on the go, as Stojo collapses easily to fit in almost anywhere.
  • Highly reviewed: The Stojo cup has thousands of happy customers and reviews that are rated so highly for being so adaptable and versatile for everyday life. With the ability to use it anywhere and anytime, it’s understandable why people find it so useful.

Stojo Branded Drinkware: Use Cases

The Stojo cup is sustainable and convenient for your everyday travels. Stojo’s collapsible reusable cup allows you to reduce your single-use plastic consumption, decreasing your environmental impact and waste footprint. The sticky silicone lid is leakproof and fits snugly onto the cup making it safe to throw in any bag or purse. That’s not all the three-part lid design isn’t just keeping your drinks safe from spills, it gives you a straw so you can sip on the go without having to stop.

This portable, reusable coffee mug helps keep your drinks hot or cold for hours which is perfect for those busy clients who are always on the go! With a heat-resistant sleeve and leakproof design, this mug works perfectly for both hot and cold drinks without any hiccups! So, whether your customers just love a hot drink, or they love to travel around a lot, this is an ideal gift that will also help align your company to choose sustainable products.

Branding Options for Stojo Collapsible Drinkware

Stojo drinkware are branded to the grip only, either as a single colour screen print or a full colour digital print. Each product page will detail the available branding methods, positions, and areas, and careful consideration should be given to the placement in relation to the brand logo.

When submitting your inquiry, please attach your logo for assessment by our experienced team. We will advise on the optimal placement or follow your instructions. Virtual samples will be provided to help you visualize the final product.

How to choose the right Stojo product

Need help with choosing your perfect Stojo cup for customisation? Stojo cups come in all different colours and sizes meaning you can provide a cup that is tailored to you and your customer’s needs. Some of the cups are mini which are perfect for small bags and the biggie cups which are collapsible are great for those wanting a good cup of coffee on the go.

At Zest Promotional we partner with Stojo to bring you the best customised Stojo cups that will make an instant impact on your clients. The precision and quality of our work are why customers and large brands continue to use us for their marketing and employee incentive campaigns. If you’d like to find out more about our customisation and bulk options for the Stojo cups, then contact our expert team on live chat or via our contact page.

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