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Great branding opportunity with branded USB Data Blockers

With a great branding area, Branded USB Data Blockers allow you to safely charge your devices from a USB port with no risk of transferring your data, The Promotional USB Data blocker sits between your charging cable and USB port to protect from virures and any "Juice Jacking" We have a number of other Promotional Cyber Security Products take a look.

Your never far away from a USB charing port, whether on the bus in a coffee shop or pub, many companies offer free to use charging facilities while on there premises.  These charging stations are a really handy way to get that little extra power.  As with all technology, cyber criminals are always looking for ways to hack your devices and steal your personal data or install malicious software.

Protecting your smartphone, tablet or mobile device has never been more important as they contain so much of our personal information, a branded USB data blocker allows the user to charge from a USB port but prevents any data transfer taking place.  Stopping any transfer of your personal information or viruses.

These handy devices are small and compact, so easy to carry around but also have a great branding area to promote your brand or display your corporate message.  A great way to protect your clients and market your services.

Your organisation may have employees that often travel or are out on the road and need to charge on the go. This is the prefect tool to allow them to charge thier devices and to protect your company data.

We have thousands of promotional products including our range of branded travel gifts which can be uniquely branded with your logo.

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