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Boost your outreach with promotional USB wristbands

Stay close to mind at all times with our promotional USB wristbands. These unique and modern accessories easily help you to boost advertising campaigns. They can be engraved with your unique branded message and encourage customers to think of your company first. Find encrypted USB wristbands online today at Zest Promotional.

A practical option for events companies, our promotional USB wristbands keep your brand message at arms reach. Available in a range of different styles, they are a modern alternative to Promotional Encryted USB Sticks. As with other lines in our online store, each one can be printed or moulded with a unique branded message to suit your specific marketing drives.

Designed to suit people of all different sizes, our promotional wristbands stretch for comfort. They are available to bulk order to suit your budget and can be encrypted to protect the information saved. Browse through 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB options, each of which has been designed to suit your business perfectly. A convenient keychain attachment means your branded message will stay close to hand at all times. And, they prove to be a popular choice with photographers, tech lovers and office workers alike.

We also have a large selection of branded wearables available online today. If your company focuses on a health-conscious audience, these compact tracking devices are an ideal choice. Not only do they allow users to track their daily movements but your personalised message will stay right in eyes view at all times. The perfect form of continual advertising.

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