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Send Your Business Message To Distant Areas And Boost Your Brand Exposure With Promotional Luggage Tags!

Send your business message to distant areas where your business associates and customers are travelling while ensuring the safety and security of their luggage and backpacks. Don’t worry! Our promotional luggage tags are here to boost your brand exposure effectively in far off lands! Luggage tags are among the least expensive promotional giveaways but have maximum effectiveness. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to spot personal luggage when your clients and customers are using public transport, especially when it comes to flights or train journeys. These luggage tags come handy for easy identification of personal luggage and also reduce the risk of luggage theft.

You will find different varieties of tags in our collection of promotional luggage tags. Some are made from leather, some from plastic, metal or PU leatherette. Each of these varieties is unique in its own way. The metal ones are made from aluminium and the plastic ones feature different features, colours and shapes. One of the plastic luggage tags is also provided with a small and handy pen. The leather tags are designed with a buckled belt fastener for added convenience. All our promotional luggage tags offer a generous branding area along with a space for the contact information of the owner of the luggage.

A luggage tag is a stylish and functional promotional gift for all your clients and customers, especially for those who are frequent travellers. Choose the best luggage tag from our list that can serve your brand marketing effectively, customize the product with your brand name and logo and hand it out to all your business associates and employees for some effective brand promotion.

Here is our collection of customized luggage tags. Select the most suitable one for your promotional gifting needs. Also, if you would like advice on which promotional luggage tag is the best one for your promotional needs or need help in designing your logo artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email us at We will be pleased to spread your brand to distant lands with our promotional luggage tags!

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