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The History of Waterman

The Parisian style and manufactured Waterman brand was founded in 1884 in New York by Lewis Edson Waterman. As a result, the globally-recognised fountain branded Waterman pen company sits in the Newell Rubbermaid umbrella of companies. The Waterman promotional pen brand is one of the oldest and most trusted fountain pen companies in the world. That’s because Waterman remains a major producer of fountain pens worldwide.

Dependable Fountain Pens

The Waterman pens brand ranks among the most dependable office pens in the world! Combining strong accuracy together with Waterman pen technology, customers clamber for Waterman pen sets worldwide. Among their many attributes, Waterman pens offer:

  • Ideal weight balance together with a superior grip
  • Ink cartridge colours that are both smooth and clear
  • Refined style and feel.

Moreover, customers prize Waterman pens for the agility and smoothness offered by their skilfully engineered gold nibs.

Zest Promotional Waterman pens, like the Waterman Expert Fountain Pen.

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