What is Promo Packs?

Part of building a meaningful relationship is showing appreciation. And while there are several ways to show appreciation to your sta and customers, very few can match the brand recognition and recall impact of a promotional bundle. Who doesn’t want a box of gifts? This is what we have at Zest Promotional that we call Promo Packs. We bundle the products of your choice in one box, you can avail a discount for the complimentary item, or get another product for free and we can distribute your customised boxes door-to-door to your recipient! Branded gift that people will actually want to keep.

You can tailor your product offerings according to your preference to align with your receiver wants. Offering unique and carefully curated bundles can help you stand out in comparison with your competitors. And here at Zest Promotional, you can do as many items as you want, and your box will be as big as you want it to be, we will do it for you!

Promotional Grotto 475ml Travel Mug Black Branded with a Logo

Higher Brand Recognition

Promotional Grotto 475ml Travel Mug Black Branded with a Logo


Promotional Grotto 475ml Travel Mug Black Branded with a Logo

Less Distribution Effort




Select your products that you want to add in your box and your box size, don’t worry we can also help you with some product suggestions!



Send us your logo to put on your products or any personalisation you want to add and your compiled list of recipients.



We will show you a proof to approve for all products and once you approved it, it will be good to go!



You can sit back and relax! We will do the work for you. From production to distribution.



A massive thank you for all of your help collecting the data points and the content for the board meeting. I was really pleased with how the presentation landed and hung together. It wouldn't have been as slick if it wasn't for your assistance and input. Thank you!”

“Your willingness and ability to collaborate with other teams is something we can all learn from. Thank you for oering up your time to help others do their role better through sharing your knowledge, like sharing your insights with the sales team so they could better understand customer needs and why they love working with us.”

“What a week! I'm really proud of the work you've put into arguably the best tender submission we’ve ever drafted. You've done an amazing job of spinning that plate along with numerous demos, follow-ups and proposals. You're doing an awesome job and I'm delighted to have you in our team. Enjoy the weekend, you've earned it!"

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