Promotional Pull Reels & Ski Pass Holders

  1. Helix Badge Holders ZP2319005

    Helix Badge Holders are avaialble in 6 popular colours and have a retractable nylon cord and belt...


  2. Roller Clip Keyrings ZP2319001

    Roller Clip Keyrings are a handy item to have as they keep your badges or keys safe at all times....

    From£0.60 each

  3. Ski Pass Holders ZP2319003

    Ski Pass Holders in white with a retractable cord, with belt clip included. Maximum 2 colour...

    From£0.68 each

  4. Roller Clip Karabiner Keyrings ZP2319002

    Roller Clip Carabiner Keyrings made from zinc alloy and ABS plastic its cord length is 55cms....

    From£0.88 each

  5. Domed Ski Pass Holders ZP2319004

    Domed Ski Pass Holders available in 6 colours offer maximum branding opportunites by have a fill...

    From£0.97 each

Invest in promotional pull reels and promotional ski pass holders for your business!

Businesses are always on the lookout for promotional products that have a lasting impact on their target audience. Our printed pull reels and printed ski pass holders can offer such an advantage to your business. They are ideal for maximum brand exposure, as these promotional products are used by all kinds of people when they are travelling.

We offer all kinds of printed ski pass holders and printed pull reels for business promotion purposes. Our Roller Clip Keyrings are handy and useful items for promoting your business. They are ideal for keeping your badges and keys within easy reach. For a more fanciful display of your badge or keys, you can opt for our Roller Clip Karabiner Keyrings. They are crafted from zinc alloy and the cord is made from ABS plastic, which allows for more flexibility. For more varieties, you can opt for our Helix Badge Holders that are available in 6 colours.

For ski resorts owners, we have two ski pass holders in our collection which you can hand out to your employees as well as your customers and clients. Both of them come with retractable cords and belt clips. For businesses who wish to hand out not only functional but attractive ski pass holders, we have Domed Ski Pass Holders on offer, which feature a coloured in-seam on the inside of the domed label.

Our pull reels and ski pass holders can be personalised in any manner to suit your requirements. They are excellent for making your business name and company logo popular among the masses. If you are looking for promotional products that people will remember for a long time, invest in our promotional pull reels and promotional ski pass holders today!

For additional information on any of our Zest Promotional products, please feel free to contact our sales team. You can reach us at or call us at 0800 024 8461.

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